Question: Do you believe in the afterlife?

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  1. The sheer volume (hundreds of thousands) of very similar reports from near-death experiences indicates that death may lead to a continuation of consciousness. The tunnels of bright light, with loved ones who have passed awaiting us. It’s also fascinating to read some of the many stories from humans who believe themselves reincarnated. Especially the Indian children that can find their way to the doorsteps of houses in villages hundreds of miles away, and then describe the inside of their old house, and their former relatives, with uncanny accuracy.
    Still, all we can do is guess. Personally, I would go about 60:40 in favour of life after death. 😊😊

  2. What I find fascinating that people I have spoken to who have almost died talk about the intense feeling that ‘everything is going to be ok’. My partner almost died (and yes, he was in ‘that tunnel’!) and he was talking about his experience with our lawyer(!). She said she’d almost drowned, and now has no fear of dying. That’s comforting, I think.

  3. I do even more now. When Dad died I received the news minutes after. I thought about him really hard Vincent’s, trying to tell him that I love him, that I’m sorry I wasn’t there and wish him well. Suddenly in my mind’s eye, I saw the roof of the home he was in, as if on Google maps but in way more detail. As I watched, the view receded. Up and up we went, through the sky along the downs. There was a feeling of utter joy and release, wonder at the beauty of it all, gratefulness for all the wonderful people he’d known and loved, and glorying in the sheer joy of existing.
    Is was driving and I couldn’t stop but I am sure that as I concentrated on Dad and wondered where he was note, that was his answer.
    So yeh. I think something goes on and that was dad’s way of reassuring me.

  4. I don’t know why my phone cancer now to ‘note’ or concentrating to ‘Vincent’s’ but I hope you got the gist of that. 🙂
    I think, on a couple of occasions since then, I’ve had this same feeling that memories of dad haven’t quite come from my brain but instead as if they’re coming in from outside. Once as if he was trying to make me laugh, another time, when I was feeling sad, it came sympathetically in the form of the phrase he always used to comfort me when I was a child, as if he was trying to comfort me.
    I’d abound could chat to me from the after life it is Dad.
    My mum and I also had the same dream about my grandfather, her Dad, on the same night. It was incredibly vivid. I woke up feeling that it was a gift because it was like seeing him again, all sorts on mannerisms and his way of speaking that I’d forgotten.

  5. I’ve had an intense near-death experience where there was no hope of me surviving. I managed to pull through; this was a few years ago.

    My earliest memory ever was when I was a baby where I felt fear because I wanted to open my eyes and move my limbs but couldn’t; my body felt frail and wouldn’t allow me. It was dark and all I wanted was to open my eyes. I felt helpless and I could feel a presence pick me up. Therefore, I imagine I must have been a baby because this feeling and memory is still very vivid in my head. (The presence that picked up must have been one of my parents.)
    I’ve seen people in front of me die, their life slowly ebbing from their body and becoming motionless. I have lost many a loved one in my life.

    There’s plenty of personal and other people’s experiences I can talk about but what I sincerely believe and perhaps know to be true is this;

    There is no afterlife. You as a human are a beautiful combination of all that has been and will be. A form of energy that will be around and take various forms in this universe during its time.

    But you as a person…that special cocktail that makes you with your personality and experiences and what not; it’s just existed for that one special moment during your time here and then it’s gone. Fleeting. You really do have just one shot in this world.

    Having said that I also believe that this is comforting as well. Four years ago, when my family was convinced, I would die after my accident, I strangely felt…peaceful. Happy. Afterlife didn’t seem like a feasible notion for me because at that moment it seemed brutally evident that I was now here and soon I will be gone and that’s there to it. Nothing else, no more. I’d cease to exist. And it comforted me because the life I had led so far was a good one and I was surrounded by family who showed their love to me and were there for me. As for god; it also became evident to me at that moment that he existed…but not in the way we know or believe about him. It became clear that we as a species had misunderstood god; he was there and still is but plays a much larger role in this universe than we can comprehend. His presence felt powerful and soothing that you can even imagine. Like air, he was everywhere and in us as well. It is hard to explain and our language is limiting. The clearest way I can explain it is in this way; picture yourself waking up at your own pace early morning and stepping out for a breath of fresh air and sunlight. When those warm sun rays hit your face and you instinctively get a smile on your face and a feeling of immense bliss and gratitude in your heart; imagine that feeling expanded a million times manifold, all-encompassing all over and it stays that way forever. That was god. Anyway…

    I think and believe that the notion of an afterlife is created to comfort the living. That’s okay. To an extent, you can even say the afterlife is in our minds because that’s where our loved ones live. That to me is comforting and beautiful. They and our memories of them will forever be with us in our hearts. So, we can keep them there, treasure it, pick ourselves and make the best of our fleeting time because that’s what they would want for us. I am sure of this because at that time that’s what I wanted for my family; I wanted them to heal, move on and not shed tears over me anymore in time. I wanted them to be happy and have an amazing life. Thankfully I was given a second shot at it and now I get to be with them again 😊

    Sorry for the long comment. I also know that my answer is not what most people would want to hear but it’s what I believe sincerely in my heart. After having been where I was in life and where I am now all I want to do is life a good life and a beautiful one at that so that if my deceased loved ones could see me now and later, they’d be happy and proud. I just want to do justice to their memories and the lessons they imparted to me so that when my time comes, I would accept it peacefully knowing well that I led a good and fulfilling life, I followed their lessons well and imparted it among my loved ones as well. This beautiful cycle of sharing life lessons continues.

    The Random Bangalorean

  6. I believe there is something. As to what exactly I am not certain. I believe we are all so much more than what we see here on this plane. Have you heard the many stories of children having memories of others long dead? Knowing things that no child should know. From those to stories of those experiencing through dreams or manifestations of those they love after they pass. I do not believe these to be delusions. Especially given my experiences.

  7. Yes. I believe there is somewhere we go. Now what it looks like, is the question. Is it our own personal space with a vast Heaven or Hell, or is it on Earth reborn purged of all the evil?

    And when we go are we waiting for Judgment Day or do we automatically go to each without a chance to explain ourselves or show last chance repentance?

  8. Some interesting and thoughtful experiences here! 🙂

    I have no personal experience of any other life after death and so cannot say if there ‘is’, or if there ‘isn’t’…

    I’m even beginning to wonder if there is actual ‘life’ in the ‘here and now’ and if we are not all just some part of a massive simulation in a computer- like situation??

    … but the question was “Do you Believe there is…”

    I choose to believe there is ‘something’ but that it will be unlike anything we currently understand. I believe things will make a lot more sense, if we are allowed to retain some form of memory of this ‘life’ (version) to compare it with, from a different perspective.

    I do this because it gives me a level of inner peace to believe it, and ultimately, that is the only reason to believe in anything – at least for the level of understanding we develop after being born into this environment anyways. 🙂
    To be at peace with yourself… and if at all possible with everything else you are aware of as existing.

    I’m not as sure i believe in ‘Karma’, or at least the way most seem to think of it, but it would seem to make good sense to me not to take the risk of being on the wrong side of that discussion.

    ‘Do your best in the short time we get here’ would seem to be a good maxim to follow.

    Thanks for the Question, ladies! 🙂

  9. If afterlife is true, then it is, irrespective of our beliefs.

    Therefore here’s what I think lucidly :
    1) CT Scan,MRI of brain uses electricity and magnetism.
    2) So brain has electromagnetism (em).
    3) Em is the same stuff making light.
    4) Light is made of photons that is clearly explained by Quantum Physics (qm).
    5) Qm has experimentally proved several not-day-to-day-experience phenomena to be true. For example, 1 stuff can stay at 2 places at the same time !
    6) If consciousness is a Qm stuff, then there may be a feasibility of afterlife stuff too.
    7) BUT that afterlife may not be what human considers now. For example, a figuration of spirit as of past life may be a relative truth as that of perceiver, not of the perceived.

    Plainly speaking, do believe, as it helps the living ones to move on, as the departed soul moves on, like a fledgeling that has left its mortal cage to venture elsewhere ! Let go. 😇

  10. I do not believe in an afterlife. The understanding of death hit me hard when I was young. Though it is scary, I believe in right now and after….nothing. Ideally we turn into compost, to help other things live (if that sort of thing is legal in your state or whatever). Life is hard, life is harsh. We have to live it the best we can with what we have and find our own beauty in it.

  11. There is only life…

    …but Life is more than just body, mind and emotions…

    …and if you look at it with brutal honesty, these three things that we are so attached to are fleeting…

    …the body you had as a 5-year-old is a completely different body to the one you had at 15 or to the one you have now…

    …the content of your mind at 5 years old is totally different from the one you have now… you could just as well say that the person you firmly believe yourself to be does not exist…

    …how many times during your life have you changed the way you feel about something?

    …so who are you really? who are you RIGHT NOW?

    …so in all of this impermanence, where you consistently keep shedding your cells, your thoughts, your emotions, what of you is going to find that ”after” place if all you know yourself to be is essentially elusive?

    …this question bothered me for ages… because there is more to us than matter… more to us than just thought and emotion (which is also matter)… there is more going on here… an intelligence greater than the version we have… ironically enough, we are that greater intelligence too but we often get in its way, thinking we know better from our limited perspective… in the meanwhile, the universe creates symbiotic relationships everywhere… and who told the bird to grow a beak long enough to fit into a flower? Was that explained to them in English or French?

    For a human seeker, this is where mysticism comes in…

  12. Katie and Evee I read your story. You are two amazing girls. Life is grace when the human soul and the human mind work together for better world. Most important is present life.

  13. Of course! We know that when we die, the body that’s left is different from the person that used to be…And that what departed is not something we can see, touch, grasp, not something we can bring back by our own understandings and efforts. Whatever makes us, us, is certainly more than physical – and if that is true, if there is more than what our eyes can see, then we should seek to find out what we can understand about it. We have a whole world around us to observe, to help us form understandings about the nature of the unseen aspects of our existence. And if we really want to know the truth, as we look around this world, we’ll ultimately come to see God, and God is the One Person Who knows the whole truth about the afterlife, and He’s happy to share it with us 🙂

  14. I believe without a doubt there is a Heaven and a hell. I believe Jesus died for me so that one day I can rejoice with Him in Heaven because God sees Jesus in me and not my sin. This is because of nothing I have done, but purely on what Jesus’s has done for me out of love. 🙂
    <3 Abi Lyn

  15. I definitely do believe in an afterlife. I’m not so sure it is the Christian concept of an afterlife, though. Sometimes I wonder if there is a Buddhist type reincarnation, of sorts. What I am sure of is that if we are cremated and spread somewhere where there is life, our remains will somehow be represented in the life that dwells in that space. I see it as our life growing as a blade of grass that maybe feeds an animal, that goes back to the earth, and repeat.

    I have also considered the possibility of our earth someday not existing. Would the matter existing on earth then be scattered throughout space? I once wrote a post called “Dense darkness cut through by light”. It was a reflection about how light is always present and dark is never permanent. Mental depression and grief will lift in time, too.

    I’m obviously older than you. I, too, have experienced many grievous losses in my life, including the loss of my mother when I was only 34 years old, and she was 61. It is difficult getting older because you WILL experience more and more losses over time. As horrible as they are, we must continue to savor and celebrate life.

    I remember when my mother died, it affected my youngest nephew particularly hard. I held him close and told him that she will never die. She will always be present in him and everyone related to her and where’s she’s been. I know this for certain because, on occasion, I hear her laugh in my laugh. I see her smile in my smile. I hear, see, smell, and feel her from time to time many places and in many people.

    1. Thank you for leaving such a beautiful and honest comment. I, too, share common thoughts about life after death and believe that loved ones do live on and will always be present in the lives of people they know and love. Thank you <3

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