I Don’t Fit Into That Box Anymore

While you are grieving, or at a particularly vulnerable period of your life, you may feel as though you belong in a box clearly labelled “FRAGILE”. Wrap yourself up in “handle with care” tape, swaddle yourself safely in bubble wrap.

Find comfort there and take all the time in the world. Allow yourself to truly feel it.

But no matter how permanent and all encompassing this fragility and vulnerability may seem, remember, it’s only temporary.

Just know that this period of your life doesn’t define you. You aren’t your grief. You aren’t what happens to you in this life, you are how you deal it. You won’t always feel so small. You are so strong and one day you will believe it again.

One day, you’ll realise that you’ve outgrown this “FRAGILE” box that you used to find so much comfort in. One day, you’ll realise that it’s no longer big enough to accommodate your needs. Step outside and let it go. Allow yourself the space to grow. Surround yourself with people that embrace this feeling and grow with you. Learn to walk alongside people rather than walk behind them.

And one day, you’ll realise you shouldn’t be placed into a box at all.


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27 thoughts on “I Don’t Fit Into That Box Anymore

  1. Grieving is a process a healthy person understands and gives time for.

    Fragile is a judgment

    We can grieve without the fragile moniker I believe

    Sounds like you are progressing and growing

      1. Great to hear that, take care of number one and the rest will come. Thank you for reading our posts and thank you for commenting. Everyone’s contributions are my favourite thing about running this blog ❤️

      2. I am very new to blogging, and loving every minute of it. It has been cathartic for me and the best therapy I could ever have begun. Thank you so much for reading and the follow.

      3. I’m really happy to hear that’s it’s had such a positive impact on you. It’s definitely helped Evee and I over the the last 9 months and I love being part of this community 🙂

    1. Hi! How are you? I am just looking back through old comments and came across your one again. I wanted to tell you that my sister and I were talking about this post the other day, and this particular feeling. We concluded that people shouldn’t be put into boxes at all. They should be put into plant pots, they should be watered and encouraged to grow! I am going to write a post about this soon, I’ll send it to you once it’s up :). I hope you are keeping well and that you and your family are safe in this time. Take care 🙂

      Katie x

  2. We are supposed to change how else do we grow? Is what I say when someone says “you seem different” or “you’ve changed”. By not changing, you come complacent in that “box”, and that’s when you become not your happiest.

  3. Fantastic blog. I find those around me are quick to put me in that box. However I know that it is only I who can climb out of the box and show them that we do manage to move forward.

  4. Thanx for sharing this journey for us. Let us explore and embrace what awaits us outside this box. Embark on this new experience with great expectancy

  5. Thank you for this blog. Fitting into the mold everyone wants is not easy, yet when you grieve many don’t understand you. This holiday season, I’m not anticipating being depressed either. Both my son’s Angel Anniversary is at holiday time. I’m making plans. ones I know I can handle. One son’s first anniversary is on Jan 1. I found with the other son, the anticipation of the date is worst than the date. His has been 6 years. I’m working on breaking out of my own box.

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