A Flat Full of Daisies

Throughout my childhood, all I wanted was a cat and a trampoline, but we lived by a main road and the garden wasn’t level for a trampoline.

My parents split up and my mum said we could get a cat seeing as she lived in a quiet village.


This is Daisy. She came from a nearby farm. I loved her before I met her and chose her name before Mum found the advert for her.

Shes always been an outdoor cat. So fiercely on her own. After she gave birth to a litter of kittens she was desperate to go outside, literally climbing the curtains wanting peace and quiet from 4 needy kittens. I compromised and bought a collar and lead. That idea lasted all of 10 minutes as she growled and hissed and fought her way through the fence to the neighbour’s garden (still attached by the lead).

So she has lived her whole life an outdoor cat, never going far, but never staying in the house.

Daisy in the Snow

Daisy in Daisies

Perfect, I thought as we secured a ground floor flat in a cat friendly area, with a really laidback landlord who is a cat owner himself.

Nope, she’s changed her mind now, thank you very much. Daisy prefers the indoors now.


10 thoughts on “A Flat Full of Daisies

  1. That’s cats for you. She’s a lovely cat. What we call “écaille” in French, because the colours are similar to a turtle’s. And they’re always females.

  2. She is so beautiful. I love animals.
    What a fantastic blog you have – sharing your experiences and helping others at the same time. 💖

    1. Thank you for saying so! Unfortunately, she got really ill and I had to put her down a couple of weeks ago, which was truly awful. But I’m happy shes peaceful now, with my mum 💗 thank you for commenting x

      1. Ah your poor heart.
        I can only imagine your pain, my eldest Leo is ill and I’m dreading that day. He’s my shadow and my favourite person. Be strong and know that you have guardian angels.

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