Plan A, B and C

About a month ago, Evee and I drove to a little village one Sunday. There was a little church where we sat for a while and afterwards we went to get lunch. The pub was just what we needed to have a cosy Sunday afternoon. We spent the afternoon eating camembert and playing scrabble (I won hehe). 

We decided it was the perfect place to come for Mother’s Day so we booked a table. 

It’s no surprise that what with current events, we were not able to go to the little village and play scrabble again. With everything going on we didn’t know when we’d next see each other. To quash the 200 miles between us, we had planned to eat camembert together over facetime and play scrabble online.

Unfortunately, we didn’t even manage that. Mothering Sunday this year was not spent dedicating thought to our Mum, buying daffodils or sharing memories as it should have been. Rather, Evee’s university shut for the foreseeable future, so she had to up and leave for Uncle Peter’s house with as much as she could carry. And as I am working from home currently, I decided to join them so we can all hunker down for this impending lockdown as Mum would want us to; together and safe.

Mother’s day has always been a really special day for our family, this year though, we will have to dedicate another day. In the meantime we’ll go with Plan C and simply raise a glass to Mum and Nanny – Na Zdrowie!

The current situation that we are living through right now is very real and very scary. Our thoughts are with those of you who are experiencing this period alone, and unable to spend this time with loved ones. We hope that, although apart, you don’t feel lonely.

More than anything though, we hope you are keeping safe and that you are in good health. Be kind to yourself during this period and always.


How was your Mothering Sunday?

How are you spending your time at home?

2 thoughts on “Plan A, B and C

  1. So pleased your doing well and are together. Not going shopping kept me away from the usual Mother’s Day displays which go up weeks before. That helped a lot. It just felt an odd day. Like I should be focusing on mother’s but I kept getting distracted by the mad outside world. Take care x

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