The Social Distancing Truth.

I went to the co-op near us today. I saw a fair few amount of people. Whenever I see people in the street, I make a point of smiling at them.

Usually, poeple smile back.

Recently, people do not smile back.

I saw a young mother with a baby in a pram, who crossed to the other side of the street when I entered into it. When I smiled she looked away.

I saw another mother and her daughter who were scribbling ‘Be kind’ and ‘Stay Safe’ on the walls with chalk. As I neared them, the mum called her daughter to her, and they hurried onto someone’s drive.

Just because we have to be two metres apart does not mean we have to be socially distant.

A smile will not transmit the virus. It made my heart sad, but I understand that this distrust that is infecting our society is only the result of self preservation, and the attempt to protect each other. I never expected us all to distrust each other this gravely.

To try to combat this in some small way, I want to try to spread some positivity and help where I can. I understand that a post may not do a lot, but I hope it can help someone, somewhere feel less alone. I have started to write ‘Quarantine Tips’ which are posts that will focus on trying to make the best of a bad situation and how we can help our mental health during this time. They will be out on Fridays, the first of which is coming this Friday, and will be on making cosy quarantine areas. If you have any ideas of posts you want to see, please let me know. I would love for this to be an open dialogue where we can all talk again.

I hope that everyone keeps talking to each other, and keeps smiling. This too will pass.

Sending our love,

Evee x

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  1. I was once told that generating happiness has no personal rewards. It’s better to generate all the love I can at any moment and have no expectations. I find it difficult sometimes, but I do understand what my guide was telling me. Be the lamp no matter what. I love your honesty and transparency.

  2. I can understand people not smiling at times and I have to say I am one of those people at times. Not all the time, but I am at times. As I have blogged about, I have anxiety that has creeped back in since further restrictions came in last week.
    My anxiety is to do with people. I have read, or heard so so much about negativity how people have responded: hoarding food and hand gel and clearing super shelves, to some people spitting at NHS staff or abusive to supermarket staff, that it’s put the fear and anxiety in me.
    My anxiety is at its peak while walking outside. I have just found it is calmer slightly while at work on second day to first. But if I see too many people for my liking out, my anxiety will increase further that although I am walking at a quick pace in parts to avoid, inside, I have frozen. And so that next person who is on their own, I may still not be able to look or smile.

    1. I think we can all be like that sometimes, but I think this is one tiny thing we can do as a moment of support within our community 😀
      But, we have to do what is best for ourselves, and for our mental health; look after yourself and protect your peace. Take care Liz, we send our best wishes for you xx

      1. Thank you. As I say, I’m not like it all the time regardless the anxiety is still there.
        Prior to starting back at work in one job yesterday, I only went out twice a week for groceries. My comfort zone is my neighbours where I live and inside my flat. And as of today, second day back at work. It was a better day for the few hours I was there, to say I have anxiety. But I felt I was able to chat and laugh while there.

      2. In cleaners it’s just me at the moment. Other one on mornings, until things change. Although I am one of those who should be staying at home, as I have asthma, I need to work. It’s therapy for me. At the end of the day, I live on my own, so I still have to go out and shop. I feel safer at work, than shopping.
        Stay safe too.

  3. I think people struggle with social distancing and being social IN PERSON now…

    We are not used to this social distancing thing – and suddenly we have a world of anxiety.

    Plus so much is still unknown so I think people just nervous and trying to figure out how to handle?

    But yes – a smile or a hello for afar is nice!

    We will have to learn how to be social again lol ✌️

    1. There is so much anxiety now 🙁 It is well founded, but it is creating an out of reach feeling. We can all be safe, but still lead with love for one another. Sending a smile to you!

  4. Keep smiling. I don’t think it is distrust that fuels the fearful reactions. It is fear, well-grounded fear, that you might have the virus and not know it. Don’t take responses personally. Just acknowledge the need for distance and smile anyway, maybe send an encouraging wave or a thumbs up for the folks writing the encouraging words on the wall. Everyone is afraid but it isn’t about distrust of a specific person.

    This will pass and things will normalize again.

  5. That is a sad reality, Eve, and I am guilty too sometimes. It is the anxiety that I have to stay away from people that my mind keeps on talking to me to do the right thing that I concentrate on just thta and forget everything else. Thanks for the reminder.
    Stay safe. Teresa

  6. Yeah.this time is most terrible time because of corona which is responsible for the social distancing truth.your all happiness is hidden inside you,my dear.if you want to tell somebody plz follow a blogger-“A gypsy at heart.”she is most wise girl , most enthusiastic and travelled in most parts of words. I too tell with you on the post,my dear!!

  7. Wow. It has had the opposite effect here. While people are keeping there distance they are making eye contact and smiling or waving. It is like we want to remind people we are not moving away from them for any other reason than we want to be safe AND KEEP THEM SAFE. Since people can have the virus and not know it, it is not just about GETTING it, it is about unknowingly transmitting it. So, here I am seeing trends of more friendly . . . . sigh, but in truth I have not been out in a week.

  8. I’ve been seeing what you’ve described too, I try to smile but people aren’t smiling back, they cross the street now. It’s sad, I think people are tired of being locked up, worried about sickness and the economy. The longer the shelter in place goes on, the more strange people seem to be. Sad.

  9. The quarantine is has created three kinds of people today. The fearful & paranoids who suspects everyone will infect regardless if everyone is observing the right precautions. The selfish , insensitive to seriousness of COVID-19 & continue to defy & be careless. And then there’s the optimist & hopeful , sharing hope , joy , positivity in the midst of panic , sickness, darkness . Please continue to share the positivity because people need it. If some seem unappreciative , it’s their loss . We can’t change some but we can change how we react . Stay safe 🙏

  10. I experienced this yesterday. Here, strangers usually greet each other while passing, but this happens no more. People now change their path to avoid close range with someone passing and passes as quickly as possible. I do the same but would like to wave and smile if only they would return such.

  11. I think you’re exactly right. I’m afraid, but I refuse to give in to fear. I’ll do what I can to be positive during this time and share that positivity as I’m able.

  12. I love to walk our neighborhood these days. Everyone is friendly and reaching out while at the same time keeping their distance. When approaching each other on the sidewalk, one will cross the street and the other will say “thank you.” People who usually just smile are smiling and saying “hi.” Those who usually say “Hi” are following with “How are you?” I have had some longer conversations with people I didn’t even know before – Now I do. This crisis has (so far) brought out the best in most people, though admittedly it’s bringing out the worst in a few.

  13. Apart from son Ive not seen another face close up for almost a month now. Before then I remember thinking that people had stopped smiling or making eye contact. It’s going to take many people time to learn the skill again. We just have to make the most of this. Try to remember to keep living and trying to smile. Hope your smiling today.

    1. Yes I agree:) I hope that our little internet space can provide some social time for everyone as well. We have been 🙂 we went cycling which was nice 🙂 hope you and your son are too x

  14. We usually looked down when we passed people in public in the before times. That has not changed must. We don’t want to be judged, so we avoid. Spouse is a social butterfly, so Spouse says hi to everyone when we are together. Spouse is not daunted by being ignored by others who are like us.

    Online we are brave. So, thank you for bridging the distance. Love to you

  15. I’m physically disabled. I use a walker. It is more difficult for me to step down from the curb to the road to get enough distance from others. When someone else does it and gives me more space, I call out: ‘Thank you!’. I appreciate it. Sometimes they respond, not always.
    The people who upset me are those who think the whole thing is a lie and won’t move away from me. Take care, no one is expressing distrust or repulsion. They’re doing their best in a difficult time.

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