Quarantine Tips: A Night At The Theatre!

I try to keep in mind that this quarantine is a marathon, not a sprint. Except, with a marathon, you are aware of the distance you need to run and you have been training for months. In February I never predicted that we’d not be able to leave our houses within a couple of months’ time, yet here we are. And we don’t really know how long this will last for, after the government’s recent extension. 

So, how do we make this quarantine bearable? 

Well, Evee has mentioned how she has made her room a cosy environment to live and suggested ways you can too. But what do we do with our time now, particularly now the weather is brighter and we have longer evenings to enjoy? 

We are getting creative, and actually, one Saturday we all got dressed up, had a 3 course meal and went to the theatre! Evee and I cannot take credit for this, the idea was all our Uncle’s. 

At breakfast, Peter mentioned that “One Man, Two Guvnors” was now available to stream and he suggested that we watch it later on. Fast forward a few hours later, I was in the kitchen preparing a 3 course meal, Peter was in the living room designing tickets and a menu.

It reminded me of when Evee recieved her A level grades and was accepted into university. To celebrate, we wanted to go to Dartmoor and have a cream tea, but Mum was too poorly. So instead, we drove to Dartmoor, picked up the freshly baked scones, and brough them back to enjoy with Mum.

Not everything is in our control (now more than ever), but we are still in control of our experiences and how we’d like to remember this time. It was so comical to see Peter in a little bow tie to sit in front of the TV on a Saturday night. A great evening was had by all three of us which provided a couple of hours respite. And the awful current events going on in the world were all but forgotten, just as if we were at the theatre.  

There are loads of plays going onto YouTube now, including the Phantom of the Opera which is only up for 24 hours from 17th, and Fleabag is soon to be posted, which Evee, Peter and I hope to enjoy.

Other quarantine ideas like this include:

  • A cream tea!
  • Making dens (simple but effective!)
  • Outdoor cinema!
  • Indoor picnics
  • Brunch (oh i just love brunch!)
  • Learn to play the ukulele! It really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You just need to learn 3 chords (Am, G, D) and you are golden!)
  • Baking
  • Crafts
  • Enjoy a pint in a “beer” garden (you can decorate your garden and make it a more calming environment for you and your quarantine inmates to enjoy!)
  • Movie marathons
  • Zumba Classes on Youtube
  • Art
  • Try to draw each other (add alcohol and things are going to get funny)

Stay safe,

Katie x

15 thoughts on “Quarantine Tips: A Night At The Theatre!

      1. I did a post yesterday for ideas too. I can’t remember if you seen it. 🙂
        I will be doing some of these suggestions of yours too.

  1. I’ll bet your mum loved those scones even more because of the effort you made to ensure she was included in the celebration. I’m a sucker for a cream tea. Sadly they are not a thing here but I always make sure I snaffle at least one when I visit my girls in England. But wait! I am perfectly capable of turning out a decent scone, I can whip some cream (no clotted, that’s a certainty) and I make fruit compotes to serve with Greek yoghurt so why not boil a bit harder and make it a jam. The jelly here (as they confusingly insist on calling jam) is nice enough but home made is so much better, no? But the THEATRE! How I love that idea. We are making a point of dressing for dinner most evenings is the best we’ve done so far but the theatre would make it so much more of an evening. And a pre-theatre 3-courser as though we were at The Savoy will be very happy making indeed. I just need to control the dogs ….. 😉 Your list is wonderful, you are all wonderful and I send you such warmth across the pond and my gratitude to have found you! Xx

    1. Hi! Apologies for my late response here. I wanted to dedicate time to write you a message and before you know it a week has already passed!
      I love a cream tea too, being a coeliac it is quite difficult to come by a good gluten free cream tea, plus we don’t live in Devon anymore! Perhaps I too will try my hand at baking during this lockdown…
      It’d be so easy to not make any effort during these times yet it is so important to keep morale up and keep being creative with things to pass the day. As of next week I will be furloughed for 2 months so will have to make special efforts to keep doing things I enjoy. I feel very lucky to be given the time and I look forward to putting more energy into our blog mostly and connecting with our followers 🙂 I hope you and your family are keeping well and safe! Take care,
      Katie x

  2. I do love that idea. We are going to try it with a Rock Concert. We did have a great year of concerts lined up but they have been cancelled now hanging on the hope of a couple surviving as they are in September. So we are going to get the T-shirt’s on. Have a pizza first. Then play a concert on the TV then finish off with a home made burger.

    1. That’s a great idea! Evee and I had a Bon Iver concert lined up next weekend so going to have to do the same at home too! Hopefully next year , when all of this is over, all of these concerts will be rescheduled. Hope you are both keeping safe and well!

  3. If there’s any play to get dressed up for to watch in your living room, it is definitely “One Man, Two Guvnors!” Thanks for sharing this, you brightened my night with the memories of that fabulous play. And I’ve worked in the theatre for many years, and it makes me happy to see your support for a play. 🙂 Glad you are having fun and making the most of this strange time!

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