Quarantine Tips: Tie Dye

Hello friends.

Hope we are all hanging in there, and I hope beyond all hope we are still smiling. How is everyone holding up? How do we feel about quarantine lifting in many areas? I’m really interested in what everyone has to say.

Our quarantine tip for today, is a well worn out activity that I’m sure we’ve all done during quarantine already. Tie Dye! You just need a pack and a white t shirt!

Katie and I love many things in life, but most of all, we love doing something that makes us laugh and is slightly outrageous.

Our first tie dye project was born out of necessity: I ruined a white hoodie by falling off a rope swing. What was crisp white ended up becoming a mosaic of mud and yellow. Not the most digestible item of clothing.

We ended up ordering an indigo tie dye kit (now unavailable on amazon or I’d link it), because Katie had the brilliant idea to tie dye my hoodie, so that I could wear it again. I ordered Katie a hoodie so that she could join in the fun.

Our next project, was born from the fires of addiction. We enjoyed the last hoodies so much, that we decided to go bigger, better, and braver.

We ordered two hoodies and two pairs of joggers, and this kit, which is far more colourful than last time. We made pink and purple tie dye sweat suits! lol.

We also made a hoodie for our uncle!

It is such a simple craft, but it is just so much fun to do. You can go as crazy as you want, or as simple as you want. Either way, it is a great day to be had.

Evee x

29 thoughts on “Quarantine Tips: Tie Dye

  1. Everything that leads to spending time entertaining, is better than staying to look at the ceiling without meaning. A good idea that surely many will want to continue without hindering. The photos say how much fun it is.
    From Chile, he greets them

  2. I remember doing this when I was a teenager with a good friend of mine. We bought boxes of Ritz dye and white t-shirts. (There were no kits back then.) It was a lot of fun. We would gather rocks and put them in small piles on the t-shirts using elastic bands to hold them in place then drop them in boiling water in which the dye had been dissolved. Afterward we’d soak them in cold salt water to set the dye. Of course, once washed the dye would fade quite a bit. But it was fun anyway. This brought back some good memories.

      1. Thank you. She was my best friend since the eighth grade. I was maid of honor at her wedding. There are many fond memories of which this is one, so thank you for the reminder. <3

    1. Amazing to hear! Don’t be shy with the dyes because they can fade a little after washing. Also leave as long as you can 🙂 let us know how you get on with it!

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