As Told By Over Soil, in response to Anonymous #2

Bless you Beloved, for I know what you mean.

It’s like you have had a puncture and had to pull into a single car pull in parking area on a motorway. No one can really join you and so you are isolated from the crowd, car at a stand still, you can no longer relate to those that are busy getting on with life and zipping past unawares.

Those of us who have been in the pull in parking space, think we know how it feels, but we’ve all pulled in different places, different times of the year… We want to help and reassure you, that although it looks like rain, is getting dark and you might feel very scared, we want to shout from our cars the heads up “There’s actually all the stuff you need in your boot and you’re going to find you’ve more strength than anyone would have believed”.”

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Have a beautiful day! 

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