Bringing You The Grief Café!

We are honoured and excited to announce that we are in partnership With YogaOfLife to bring you The Grief Cafe!
This is a free event where anyone and everyone can join to share their experiences of #grief
This is an open dialogue led by you, for you ✨
To get your free tickets, click HERE!

We are so excited for this new venture, and we are overjoyed by all the support we have received on this blog. We really hope to see some of our lovely followers on the 30th August 2020.

What you can expect:

You can expect to meet with fellow people who have gone through a similar experience to you. While no two grief stories are the same, we want to build a steady grief community to learn from, and listen to, each other.

Most importantly, we want to normalise the conversation about grief, and you will be heard.

If you know someone this could be a useful tool for, share it with them too!


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24 thoughts on “Bringing You The Grief Café!

  1. It is 5 am MDT for me. I take it if you have tickets you are limiting the number of cafe goers. If I am awake that early morning I will look to see if there are any tickets still available. I do not want to take a ticket someone else can use for sure. That is not the way I am built. Hope you are serving hot chocolate, just in case.
    Is BST the Daylight time for GMT, or are they unconnected?

    1. hello! That is absolutely fine, there will be more in the future to accommodate for different time zones. There will be tickets available but get one when you feel ready!

      BST is British Summertime 🙂

      1. Yes, got the BST, but was wondering the relationship to Greenwich Mean Time? I might need to know that someday, lol.

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