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Submissions for our As Told By You page are still more than welcome! We love receiving them! Feel free to read other submissions for inspiration.

You can remain anonymous or leave your name! Write about anything you want; about mental health, grief, life lessons, life choices, poetry, photographs etc.

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2 thoughts on “Any Submissions?

  1. normalizing death and talking about grieving and mourning matters…witnessing my father’s death and dying was a profound experience…my mother died alone in January this year…from them I’ve learned to make a death plan…like I did with a birth plan…make a plan. Everybody dies. It’s a birthday of sorts…I’ve learned a great deal from having the privilege of working a death doula…I think about my ancestors…and I’m grateful for life and aging…thanks for sharing this blog. It’s lovely to read. Smiles Hedy ☺️💫

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