The Grief Café, 30th August 2020

Our Grief Café is now up there with one of those things I can’t believe we have done. Something that spread from the blog Katie and I started months ago, just so that we could find a place to vent.

Since we started our blog, it has started to walk, run and now jumps hurdles without needing us, it seems. We now have an instagram, twitter and facebook page, where we interact with people daily. People who know the same struggle as us, and don’t want to tell us how to feel, but just want to support us too.

And from this, comes As Told By You, on of our finest achievements as a community. The love we pour out to each other, brings hope to many, and happiness to more. Being apart of this inspires me, and I never get tired of reading your submissions. It is one of the best parts of my week.

Organically, and beautifully, The Grief Reality has grown to stretch its legs further, into The Grief Café. Our first sold out event!

What did The Grief Café mean to us? It meant we could talk face to face with people we maybe would never have met before.

It meant a feeling of belonging. It meant listening, it meant sharing. It meant coming away with a feeling of pride, knowing that we were normalising that conversation a little bit more.

We will do more in the future; and we hope to see more faces there.

Thank you to our community; thank you for all of your support, and everything you give us without realising.

We love being here.


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