Dear Katie.

And as you leave
You must know you are beloved
And as you leave
I can see the wild has come for you
And as you leave
I won’t hold you back beloved
And as you leave

~ Mumford & Sons

Dear Katie,

Your strength and power leaves me in awe every day. If I am half the woman you are, I have done something right in my life.

I always say that it takes a remarkable amount of power to look at your life, evaluate it and make a change when you know something isn’t right. Yet again, my sister has blown me away with her determination and fire. Her drive alone made her steer her course towards a different goal, so far from the original.

Yet she did so with grace, elegance and decorum. My girl feels the fear, but she does it anyway, every single time. If that is not power, I truly do not know what is.

When I was younger I tried to write a song on Ukulele and play it for Katie, and this feels a bit like that. I asked her to turn around, and I sang loudly and strummed hard trying to tell Katie how much I appreciate her.

The memory is one we often look back at and laugh at, particularly how I broke down in tears because my song just struck an ’emotional chord’ in me. We have grown up with each other, and around each other. Where do you begin, and where do I end?

I speak a lot about honour on this blog. I am the luckiest girl in the world, because I do so much which is just an honour to do. Nothing compares to being your sister. I would give up everything and anything for you. Not because of obligation, but because your happiness equates to my happiness.

Seeing your smile brings me peace. As though we finally reached the shore, after months and months of stormy sailing.

I hope your new city brings you an intense amount of joy. I hope you call me unable to contain your happiness. This is a space and time for new beginnings. Every one you tell me, will always be my greatest honour to hear.

Quarantine was our stolen time; like we cheated the system and we got an extra six months together. I love our arguments where we say “I am not smiling because I’m not annoyed, I am really angry right now”. I love laughing so hard with you, that your face goes bright red and you look a bit mental. I love exploring life with you, no matter the twists or turns we find ourselves in.

Mummy is so proud of you. Every day I know that to be true.

Know you are beloved.


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  1. THis brought a tear to my eye. I have three sisters. Two are much older and one is a year younger than me. She and I lived life in one anther’s pockets throughout our childhood and teen years. Then I got married and our time together changed somewhat. But she remains my best friend and partner in crime. We don’t see one another nearly as much as we’d like but I know she is there for me, always. sisters really are forever friends.

    This is a beautiful tribute to Katie, and your Mom would be so proud of both of you.

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