As Told By Bridget

I remember it was on 28th March 2019,I arrived at my home at 5.30pm after work. I sat to rest a while before starting my house chores. Just then my phone rang and it was my dad.

Immediately I thought he’s calling to know how my family is, but after greetings he informed me that my mum had been admitted in the hospital, I immediately cut the talk and tried calling her (my mum) but her phone was off.

I rang my dad to enquire why her phone was off, and what he told me made tears flow uncontrollably, he told me that she couldn’t talk and  before being admitted she was complaining of a severe headache.

My mum was a strong woman, since my childhood I never  heard her complaining of any pain, but that day she couldn’t talk, I ran to my bedroom and cried a lot before informing my husband.

I immediately set to go and know how she was, the journey seemed longer than before, since I reached  late at night my dad told me that it was not possible to go to the hospital as they would not allow me.

I didn’t sleep at all, I woke up very early in the morning, though in the company of my brother, we went to the hospital and found mum. She couldn’t talk after trying to talk to her, she talked but was confused and talked things we couldn’t understand. It was now unbearable and unbelievable, it was so sad, the pain of seeing mother like that was so much.

After the tests from the doctor came, she had a blood clot on the left side of her head, everything now became worse she had to undergo a surgery. All this time we prayed God to intervene, she finally underwent the surgery and was ok. She could talk well  and  we thanked God for that. Just three months later we realized that she had started getting confused again.

It was such a difficult time, so painful that I felt like the world was coming to an end. She developed high blood pressure and we didn’t understand where to go because the doctors said it could be post surgery effects, after 4months battling with her state she recovered ,but she’s not like before. I live with the fear of what might happen to her in the future because it was a really hard time, but I thank God for His mercy, it was a really painful moment and whenever I recall the picture of her on the hospital bed tears flow.

Thank you to Bridget, we feel your loss, and hope you take every day as it comes, and can find a bit of happiness within it.

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  1. Bridget. I so hope it doesn’t happen again and mum recovers but if it does you will get through it with the strength you got through it before. Thinking of you. Shona x

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