The Heart of Everything


Grief is one thing which I constantly mull over, and tussel with. She grabs me by the legs some times and leaves me winded in the dust. Other times Grief gently runs her hand over my forehead, crooning soothing tones to my broken heart.


With grief comes so many things no one tells you about. That two years later, you might raise your head to the sky and scream vulgar words whilst Grief, ever present, ever looking on, stands by with her head hung low.


Our silent witness, our loving companion, our lost love, idly following you throughout your day, hovering by your shoulder. Sometimes you can’t see her, but you feel her, and know she is not far away. Her purpose is to remind us; remind us of a heart that once beat softly in an orchestra of heart beats, or a heart that raced with joy. A heart no one else will gently peel back and learn about anymore.

And with the loss of this heart, steps forward Grief, and all the emotions she will bear witness to.







When we lose someone, Grief tempts us to stay alone. Protect yourself. Try to get on with it. Move forward or time will move forward without you. Your heart still aches, and you may not realize it.

The Grief Café has become a place for us to feel everything. Our topic for this week is “emotions”. Simply put: what has Grief witnessed you go through?

I hope to see many new faces, and I hope to hear your stories. It is my greatest honour that people trust us enough to share their truths, their Grief Reality.

You are never alone. Lighten the load.

The Grief Café’s tickets are linked here.

Have a beautiful day.

Evee x

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