As Told By Sean

I am tired. I am drained. I am permanently in a fog. The uncertainty surrounding Covid, how much of it is truth and how much of it is lies? Grief only seems to have intensified, the volume has been turned up creating a deafening silence of unanswered questions. Decisions need to be made, some small and some life changing, but the butterflies of uncertainty have grown into dragons of fear and unknowing. My mind is in a permanent spin, my thoughts and emotions colliding with one another creating nuclear explosions of blinding proportions. Confusion reigns supreme, doubt exist over the simplest of decisions. I snap at the silliest of things and humour has evaporated into thin air.

The Covid pandemic and grief are not a good mix.

Thank you to Sean (one of our earliest followers!) for this submission, which accurately depicts the feelings of living through a pandemic. We cannot express how grateful we are when we receive everyone’s submissions.

Have a beautiful day.


6 thoughts on “As Told By Sean

  1. When the pandemic is over, in years to come (we hope will come), will we be shouting an angry “WHY?” into the dark? For we will grieve when all this is over, more so I think than while we are still attempting to cope with those who aren’t feeling the effects.

  2. This description is so evocative, just as the pandemic can stir up so much emotion. Kia kaha to all, and I pray peace finds you when it is needed most. ♥

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