How Are You Doing?

Hello everyone,

How are you doing? Its been a little while, but I want to hear from you again. Be honest, be brutal, be true!

Evee x

29 thoughts on “How Are You Doing?

  1. I don’t ever remember being as OK as I am right now. A lot of clarity and a shift of priorities on what’s important and has meaning. May you be well and meeting life’s challenges in this bittersweet existence.

  2. Today I’m feeling grief from loss. It’s been buried for a long time and I’m grateful I can feel it today to let it go. Sometimes circumstances in the present bring up unhealed pain from my past. That’s what this is. Talking about it with trusting friends always helps and they usually identify which is comforting.

      1. Oh- I don’t know about a title. It feels like allowing all of me. Maybe that’s a title. “Allowing all of Me” Anonymous would be appreciated.

  3. I’m actually feeling depressed and also afraid..about my studies, bout my future…its like eve though I study so hard I feel like I’m going to lose in the end..I want to meet my frnds and want to just throw away my meaningless concerns

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