As Told By Shona

I never wanted you to go
And leave me all alone
But you were in a lot of pain
So God he took you home
We had still so many things to do
Adventures yet to share
But God had other plans for you
And your Dad was waiting there
So I will keep you in my heart
And in your heart keep mine
The memories will never fade
We’ll recall them from time to time
We’ve spent 12yrs together
And through its ups and downs
Those truly were the best of times
With lots more laughter than frowns
And so I leave this message
With all I wanted to say
I love you Dear with all my heart
And we’ll meet again some day.
Thank you to Shona, who submitted this post after our Grief Café on the 6th December, 2020.
It is a beautiful poem that she wrote after her husband passed away. It gives us a huge amount of honour to have this on our blog, and for such beauty to be entrusted with us.
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Have a beautiful day, friends.
Photo by Evee

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