The Things That Make Life Beautiful

  1. A morning cup of coffee, just the way you like it
  2. Long autumnal walks with leaves that crunch under your wellies.
  3. All of the music that your favourite bands are yet to release.
  4. The concerts you are yet to attend.
  5. Walks along the coast that are so windy the breath is taken right out of you.
  6. When you come across a little cafe that sells gluten free baked goods! 
  7. Barbecues that go on late into the night until the flames have died down to orange glowing embers.
  8. The feeling after a long laugh.
  9. Weekends away in cosy cabins.
  10. Long drives in the car with loud music.
  11. Sitting beside a log fire.
  12. Long catch ups and reminiscing with friends.
  13. Sunsets.
  14. Sunrises (should you ever become a morning person).
  15. When someone says something really really funny that completely catches you off guard.
  16. Freshly squeezed orange juice when it is really sunny outside.
  17. You are not alone. You are so loved, by your friends, by your family, by your pets.
  18. The friends you are yet to meet.
  19. All the places you are yet to visit.
  20. The world is a better place with you in it.

I know it seems that this pandemic will never end, particularly as it follows us into a new year.

Mum used to say that it will all be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay then it isn’t the end. Now more than ever, I trust my mum.

Please know that you are not alone in your struggle, and this will pass and soon enough we will all be reminded of the things that make life beautiful.


If you would like to reblog this list and add to it or simply add your own little reminders in the comments, please do so. Let’s see how long we can get it for anyone out there struggling to see beauty in life.

Katie x

82 thoughts on “The Things That Make Life Beautiful

  1. Nice, petty things are great steps at least to me, from my dad passed away in a long a hard Alzheimer disease I love petty things, coffee mugs, walks, music and guitar by Mark Knopfler, books and lovely things. Take care stay well and happy new year 2021

    1. I’m glad it made you smile! If you’d like to add your own list either here or on your own blog, i’d love to read it – just make sure you tag me so I don’t miss it 🙂

    1. Coffee seems to be popular among our readers! Please feel free to create your own list, either here in the comments section or perhaps on your own blog! I’d love to read it 🙂

  2. Dear Katie and Evee,
    I have come to your site because you have shared so many likes of comments I have made on other people’s posts that I thought it was time I did so. I am afraid I have failed the intelligence test to put my experience on Told By You, so I am appending two links on here: and The first concerns my early widowhood and single parentage, the second involves more on my journey to contentment. Other losses feature in other posts.
    Very best wishes, Derrick

    1. I know! Anytime a new lockdown is mentioned I get flashbacks to the first one when the shelves were just completely empty as people were stocking up (in London)! I was eating rice cakes for about 2 weeks at one point…
      Thankfully I haven’t seen it as bad as that since.

      But anytime I am lucky enough to come across a bakery with something gf I always treat myself 🙂 x

  3. Awesome list, Katie!

    Freshly-squeezed OJ is superb, no matter what the sun/cloud mixture. After all, you’re drinking pure sunshine, and that makes it brilliant no matter what’s happening outside.

    Even better is juice the smaller citrus produces, be they mandarins, clementines, or tangerines. More work initially, due to the smaller size, but so definitely worth it!

    By the way, your mother sounds much like my father, in her sunny, caring outlook. I reckon we both inherited some of that optimism.

    Thanks for the comforting, uplifting post. A nice, tall glass of orange juice, isn’t it?

  4. YES! YES to this magical list … especially the feeling after a long laugh whether you’re sitting I. Front of a fire reminiscing with friends while eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream … thanks for posting 🙂

  5. Wonderful list! Your repost button did not show up for me, but I’ve scheduled to use it as a guest post on on February 25. Thank you for allowing reposting. We need to spread all the beauty and joy we can. Love you.

  6. Great post! I might print it and hang it on my wall. I also feel happy whenever I hear a baby’s belly laugh, birds waking on a spring morning and the wind in the trees.

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