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Hello everyone!

UPDATE: THIS IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for all your wonderful submissions!

We have a few spare spots for our page As Told By You fro February and early March. We want to hear what you have to say; grief can feel so isolating, but it does not have to be at all.

This can be a quote you like about grief, a photo you think represents grief, or simply a sentence that starts “grief is…”. It is our honour to be trusted by this community to hold such treasured posts. This page is one of the things we are most proud of on our blog.

If you would like to share with us, you can:

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We hope to hear from you soon!

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24 thoughts on “Any Submissions?

  1. Good is grief that finds something from what is lost. In any grievous circumstances are valuable insights or lessons or memories and many more treasures of experience. The best part about an ending is the beginning of something new and precious, if you can find it. Grief is an important experience filled with little trinkets, that once may have been overlooked or taken for granted. Grief teaches us to hold a regard for life that protects it. The “empty hole” inside of a person when experiencing trauma or loss, is destined to be filled and emptied like a cup. Our lives are not long enough to go without grief. No matter what is to be mourned, moving ahead is a life accomplishment.


  2. Grief is something we don’t like to feel about. It a feeling of loss of a loved ones. It is not a sign of weakness but a bold emotion that was fully expressed during the lowest moments in our life. However, after this devastating storm we will become stronger and clever enough to surpass the different troubles that life has to offer. A feeling of grief or mourn will make us a better person. Thank you so much for letting us share our thoughts!

  3. Grief comes in so many forms … I’ve worked in a big private hospital for 11 years and saw heartbreaking grief. Everyone is dealing in a different way with this – going through all the stages of denial, anger, sadness … there is no instruction manual to help you conquer these emotions, but it helps in some way to speak to others that had the same losses to try and understand why we are feeling the way we feel …

    I know, because we had 5 miscarriages and no children. But after being married (for almost 25 years) to an understanding and loving husband and being surrounded by caring friends and family, we’ve dealt with our grief over some period. One of my tasks at the hospital was to take photo’s of still born babies (for grieving mothers to cherish later) and in an unexpected way, this was also part of my healing process.

    It does not mean that it takes the sadness completely away, but we do felt blessed to still have each other and we are celebrating life.

      1. let me know if you want anything for april – I can share more – but I have some poems connecting to the loss of my nephew (and I can offer a free book giveaway -(Avian Friends) because some folks have said it has been a nice grief resource even though it was not meant to be one – it was just me writing from my heart after his passing.

  4. Wonderful blog you have here to process your grief and help others do the same. My view of “death” has changed radically over the years to where I now view it more as a “transformation” rather than an “ending.”

    This began when I serendipitously received a message near my Mom’s passing. (There are no coincidences.) It was called “The End is Transformation.” While it is too lengthy to offer in a comment here, I invite you to read it on my own post which I entitled “Opening the Door to Transformation.” Its sentiments have helped me immensely when processing grief which included losing over a dozen loved ones in 2019, and my one sibling. May it provide comfort to you as well:

    Warm wishes to you in your healing journey.

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