#2 Thursday Thoughts: What’s Your Relationship With Self-Love Like?

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40 thoughts on “#2 Thursday Thoughts: What’s Your Relationship With Self-Love Like?

  1. For me, I enjoy journalling, exercise and choosing to eat healthy food. I think that self love doesn’t just look like one thing (ie telling yourself you’re pretty in the mirror) it’s an amalgamation of good habits and choices that benefit you!

  2. I am happy with myself. But I should point out that I have had a long time to get to know myself and accept the flaws and love them all the same. I am 71 years old and I am glad to be at this point in my life where I am happy and confident. I wish I could pass that on to younger people who are still struggling with decisions and pathways in life.

  3. I have a great relationship with self love. If I don’t love myself how can I expect anybody else too? I learnt a long time ago what makes me happy, and if I don’t take care of myself, then I am not happy and not nice to be around either. Finding myself, after I was relinquished at birth, was the greatest gift to myself, and my hubby and daughter benefitted too. Blessings J x

  4. I have at least what I consider a great relationship with self love. I used to hate myself. I remember when people said my whole name how much I hated it. It was because I hated myself and there were reasons for that. No more though.
    I’m not in love with myself either. Other people can do things worse and better than I can. I’m just me and I don’t mind being that anymore.

      1. I’m glad you blog. I like the topics you present and right now I am mainly looking to comment on others. Sometimes it gets me thinking for my own material. Hopefully, things in my life continue to allow me time to do this.

  5. Self love for me is a daily appreciation of loving myself no matter what is going on with me and giving myself what I need moment to moment which is a moving target. Happy Valentines day to you both! 💖

  6. Self love to me means putting the oxygen mask on first. Having the relationship with myself, be it exercise to stay fit and healthy. Comfortable within me means that relationship with God. Loving me because I believe you cannot give what you don’t have. I give smile because I get it everyday. I give love because I was loved first and I received it. Yes self love is receiving and then giving it away that what it means to me🤗
    Thanks it got me thinking 🥰sending you both 💐

  7. Difficult but important question!! Self-love seems the result of contemplating the two great commandments upon which everything else rests. To love God with our entire being and to love our neighbor as ourselves is impossible without self-love. As Hannah says above, it’s like a cup which overflows and is never emptied out. “We love because he first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

  8. Self-love can be difficult to possess. Society puts such an emphasis on “belonging”. Growing up I always wanted to be with the people that were the most popular in school. At that time I thought that was the only way to be “someone”. Life took me on a journey and in my early to mid 20’s I tried to commit suicide twice. Don’t have pity on me because I have learned that I can’t expect love from others if I can’t love myself. Now self-love to me is doing things to take care of me, taking a break from the social scene, reading, playing games, writing and sometimes just sitting in total quietness. I am learning that the only important things in my life is God, myself and my family. I don’t apologize when I say no to others, because I think about what I need in my life to make me happy and that’s all I need.

  9. I try to set aside time for myself, exercising outside for my mental & physical health. And I treat myself with grace and understanding when I can’t accomplish everything I want to

  10. We (me and my husband) has done 2 Camino’s in Spain and Portugal … on these walks you are sometimes alone for hours with your own thoughts (although my husband would be in front of me, but far enough so that we can have quiet-quality time by ourselves), I’ve realised that you need to like/love yourself, otherwise this journey could be a very long and uncomfortable one 😌.
    A good day would be where I’ve made someone smiled and my husband telling me he loves me … but a great day would be when I go to sleep in the evening and still like the person I am 🌸.

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