Love Yourself Today and Everyday

Recently I have had great conversations with some of you about the importance of self-love.

In a world of insecurity and fear, it is so important to show yourself a secure an unconditional love. For me, self-love has been and continues to be a long old journey, that’s for sure. I’ve come to learn that I am quite an outward facing person, in the sense that I pour energy outwards rather than inwards. So, naturally it felt very awkward embarking on ‘a journey of self-love’ and honestly, just writing that makes me cringe.

But I have come to feel quite comfortable in this relationship with myself. And, I’ve come to realise just how important it is to know how to look after yourself, to know what you like and what you dislike. It is so important to know what makes you, you! 

I love a list on this blog, so here is another one for you. Here is a list of what self-love looks like to me:

  • For me, self-love is taking a break from studying rather than pushing through and getting a headache.
  • It’s running myself hot bath after a long day.
  • Self-love isn’t being hard on myself if I didn’t finish all of my lectures, it’s patting myself on the back for showing up.
  • Self-love is dedicating 30 minutes of my day to yoga with Adriene on Youtube.
  • Self-love is taking time out to go to the park and feed the ducks, swans and geese.
  • And it’s learning to speak up when something doesn’t sit right with me.
  • Self-love is celebrating all of the small wins and learning to be my own cheerleader!
  • I’ve learnt that it is also saying yes to myself even if that means saying no to others.
  • It’s curling up in bed and rewatching my favourite series on Netflix (currently rewatching Parks and Recreation on Netflix, one of greatest comedies to ever grace my screen).
  • Self-love is taking the time to water my plants each day.
  • It’s learning how to grow back down.
  • It’s not settling for anything less than I deserve!
  • Self-love is treating myself and buying small gifts every now and then (please see exhibit A)!

In its simplest form, self-love is to listen and respect myself. That’s all anyone really wants in life isn’t it, to be heard and respected? I think the key to being heard and respected in the wider world, is to listen to and respect yourself first. You deserve to give that to yourself. And in the words of the great RuPaul “If you can’t love yourself, how in the heeeeeeeellll you gonna love somebody else?” hahaha.

So, not because it’s Valentines Day, but because you deserve it everyday, I hope you give yourself a little self-love today and always in whatever form that may be.

Self-love looks so different on everyone, I’d love to hear a little bit about what it means to you in the comments below!

Exhibit A) Look! A ring that looks like a little hug! We also ordered 24 macaroons last night, it was a good time 🥳

33 thoughts on “Love Yourself Today and Everyday

  1. Congrats! You have entered a journey on a path that, although will have some twists, turns and bumps in the road, will never end and which hopefully will bring whispers to keep going around the next bend and the next bend and the next…. My #1 self-love is a mantra to myself, where I say, “Self, you haven’t always made the wisest choices and there were many times that others made choice for you that also weren’t wise, but when you look in the mirror and realize that you are content with whom you’ve become, you know that every un-wise choice was needed in order to form you into exactly who you’ve come to be.” It allows me to find forgiveness and love not only for those who hurt me, but also for the (many) times I’ve hurt myself.

  2. laughing!! listening to old music (even if u skip thru it real quick) being “lazy” brushing ur teeth. lol and gardening/going outside. This is a tough but important topic! ❤️

  3. For me self love is everything you mentioned plus forcing myself to exercise when I don’t feel like it. Stopping myself from eating the whole pizza if I’m full halfway. It’s sleeping early when I want to stay up watching my shows on a week night~ I think self love is also knowing what your body needs and giving it.

    1. I discovered Yoga with Adrienne in lockdown in March 2020. It seems amazing that we all connect via her, although we will probably never meet each other. We connect as one. Blessings J x

      1. It really is lovely to connect with likeminded people. I stumbled across her YouTube account in January this year and now I seem to keep finding more and more people who watch her videos 🙂

  4. Listening or rather reading the two of you I’m reminded of so many things. I’m not going to say my old Meccano set or you’ll have shedloads of people writing in “What is this Meccano, who is this plonker”? So I’m going to say Lego. You spend time creating new people built from Lego to show people who they can be as time goes on after the event they think will break them beyond repair. You don’t fill the little noggins as you tell them the memories will still be there whatever.
    You’re cruel to me by suggesting running a hot bath as I’d love to but as the shower doesn’t have a lip I can’t retain water, oh well except I can it’s called oedema. I get old lady ankles which is not becoming in my sex. Sex, ah Sex, the thing that comes after Five in Scotland but stopped all the clocks in this house years ago. I do remember it though when the two spirits meld as one and someone says “Whose turn is it to put the kettle on”?
    Your list is a good reminder of how we should love ourselves, for if we don’t, others may find it hard to love us too.
    There was a poem written in the 1920’s which (Who asked if I remembered it first hand?) was made into a record in I think the late 60’s. It’s called Desiderata and was ‘Sung’ by Les Crane. Certain parts stick in my head though I’m not a religious person.

    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

    Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

    Try always to be kind to yourself

  5. Self-love for me is feeling beautiful when I dress up, be proud of me when I succeed, forgive me when I make mistakes, and remember to make choices for myself instead for others. By the way, I love the ring in the picture haha

  6. A lovely post. I spent most of my adult life looking outwards, which, at the time, made sense to me. Yet, I was forgetting someone, as all of my energy went outward. Me. Not so today. Everything we do, love included, starts with us, and how we take care of ourselves, as you so eloquently write. Well done. Have a great week. ❤️

  7. I’d say something about other-love (look, I just did), but self-hatred is a cardinal problem these days. I’d also like to say that self-love isn’t that hard, though if it must hurdle self-loathing to have a chance to live, well, that’s going to be a daunting challenge. I suppose I do small things to love myself. Today I tried to sleep as long as I needed, and I did the best I could with a complex housing application. It has many parts and requires a great deal of documentation that I simply do not have. I can ask for help tomorrow. Today I arranged everything I have and now can look at it as a stack of what I could do today, what I will do better tomorrow. My, that all must sound really dull. But I do attend the school of being thankful for small favors.

  8. For me, self-love is to take that book that I am looking so much forward to, finding a quiet space in the garden and read until it’s finished (or until I’m “finished” 😉) … making time for something I really love to do 📖.

  9. No other better time to write about live if not the month of love. I still hold on to the thought that, “you teach people how to love you” . In essense, loving you starts with yourself, which is self love 🥰🥰

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