#5 Thursday Thoughts: When Did You Last Laugh and Why?

Hopefully this will bring some laughter to the comment section!

We can’t wait to hear about it.

Katie & Evee

29 thoughts on “#5 Thursday Thoughts: When Did You Last Laugh and Why?

  1. My three year old granddaughter came into my room this morning and said she had to fix my hair, “Grammie you’re old, but you can still look nice.” Bahaha C

  2. About a min ago when I read an Epoch Times article about a guy who fought a bear to save his dog. It was a happy laugh. A laugh that imagined the story being immortalized as a Tall Tale haha

  3. After talking about one of my work colleagues owning a horse I said “I went riding when I was young but I never had a horse” I wondered what everyone was in hysterics for until it dawned on me what I’d said and quickly added “the stables gave me one” but it was too late and we all had a great laugh 😂😂

  4. Watching This Is Us. As an adoptee I find it amusing and refreshing, and I can laugh out loud as I relate to so much of it. Blessings J x

  5. Laughter is the best thing for mental health. I can’t imagine a day without it. What did I laugh at today? When I was on my walk, there was a lady who was walking her uncooperative little dog. The dog was more interested in sniffing the grass. The woman began pulling the leash to encourage the dog to come along. She started walking and the leash slipped off the tiny dog’s head. The lady kept walking as a blank leash followed along behind her. I stopped her because I realized she didn’t understand her dog was no longer on the leash. It was a pretty funny sight.

  6. Yay, I love this question! I randomly saw a gemstone online, searched up the meaning of it, and it perfectly aligns with my life! It’s about reaching one’s potential and removing doubt. 🙂 That was a very exciting moment. How about you?!

    1. Oh I love hearing things like that! The universe works in mysterious ways! I really enjoy reading about gemstone meanings. My mum and I used to always talk about their different properties 💕

      Evee and I are always on the phone making each other laugh. She makes me cry with laughter nearly everyday. We are so lucky 🥰

      1. Haha! I’m fun to hear that you have experienced the universe’s mysterious ways as well. Synchronicity’s always make me smile. That’s lovely that your family is so close. Good conversation is always heartwarming! I feel the same way when I create memories w/ my fam! Sending smiles your guy’s way. <3

  7. Nowadays laugh has lost somewhere dont remember when i laugh the last time .I dont find any reason to laugh i simply do whenever i feel like it.

  8. Thank you for sharing!!.. yesterday.. there were two squirrels dueling over some sunflower seeds and while they were dueling, a third squirrel jumped in and took the seeds.. I laughed because I woke up on the green side of the grass and were able to see it… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May you always walk in the sunshine
    May you never want for more
    May Irish angels rest their wings
    Right beside your front door.
    (Irish Saying)

  9. I laugh a lot (probably every day), because you know how healthy it is to laugh 😁😄.
    Sometimes, it’s just a quiet smile, but often it’s a spontaneous “laughing out loud” … like yesterday.
    I’ve seen a guy in the grocery store standing with a shopping list and a small container of cinnamon in his hand (frowning). I’ve asked whether I can help and he said his wife sent him to buy ingredients for pancakes. He’s got everything, except cinnamon sugar … he can only find cinnamon, but no cinnamon sugar 😁 … the look on his face was hilarious when I’ve told him to just buy normal sugar and mix it with cinnamon and voila, you’ve got cinnamon sugar!
    As he walked away, I’ve heard him mumbling something about his wife that will have to do the shopping next time if she can’t learn how to write a proper shopping list …
    And then, I had a laugh at myself when I got home and read, to my astonishment, you actually do get to buy cinnamon sugar these days – all in one container … oops 😄 … well, sometimes it’s good to also laugh at yourself.

  10. My wife and I remembering something very funny from our ‘courting’ days, over 50 years ago, but I daren’t repeat it here 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Okay so this happened today I told my sister to cook rice. She is younger than me is kind of person who is always in her head so we used to measure rice by a small bowl I told her to cook 2 bowls and what she did was she measured rice by a much bigger bowl. When I came back from college there was the whole container of rice and it took me few minutes to understand what happened and it was a beautiful laugh shared by sisters:) .

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