#6 Thursday Thoughts: What Are You Worried About At The Moment?

It’s okay to share the burden. You are not alone.

Katie & Evee

20 thoughts on “#6 Thursday Thoughts: What Are You Worried About At The Moment?

  1. My wife’s mental health. We’re just under the cutoff age of 65. (Vaccinations in our state are for 65 and over.) We retired four years ago, and things we’re great until Covid. I’ve got enough hobbies and interests to keep me occupied, but she doesn’t. She does occasionally get together with a friend outside, but she misses being with her friends more. The other hard part is our son lives far away, and we’ve only seen him once in the last year. Her mom passed a month ago (age 97). She lived a full and happy life, but we can’t plan a Celebration of Life right now. We also had to put our beloved dog, Jake, down prematurely at the start of the pandemic. (Best dog we’ve ever owned.) I still can’t bring his name up without my wife getting upset all over again. I just want to see her happy again.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your truth. I wish you both the peace and the reassurance you so deserve. I know there are no words that I can say that takes the pain away. Just know you are heard and your feelings are valid.
      She has gone through a tough year, but so have you! It must be so hard giving that support and for being away from your son. I hope you are amply supported and taking time for yourself.
      I’m so sorry to hear about Jake. he sounds like a lovely dog, the imprint he has left must be huge.
      Sending you a huge hug x

  2. Coronavirus has changed all of our lives and will continue to do so well into the future. For us of an older generation (late 70 early 80s) nothing really much changes day to day, but I miss visiting with friends, for a blether, meals out, cooking for ones self is not all that exciting, but the ones I feel sorry for at the young, they will be the poorer for this pandemic. mentally, emotionally and financially. Yesterday was history, tomorrow will be the future, today is a gift and why we call it the present, and at my age it truly is a gift.

    1. Meeting friends is such a huge aspect of life, and its so hard to be without it.
      I think you have a positive outlook which absolutely helps, but you are doing so well! Keep taking every day as it comes 🙂 x

    1. I relate so much. At gym today (Rhythmic Gymnastics) I was so frustrated because my releve was so low! It seems petty, but us dancers are true perfectionists

  3. I’m worried I might get a bad grade on a test 😦
    I know, kinda a small worry, but I like to stay positive about all this Corona thing. God has blessed us all soooo much

  4. I’m worried about my wedding, the planning, execution of design and dress fitting, the flowers, cake, invitations, save-the-dates, bridal party guest list— while balancing everything else; pt teaching job, college (I’m taking the most credits I’ve ever taken virtually), keeping the house clean (I’m kind of a clean freak), and planting my garden (which honestly is a huge stress-reliever for me).

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