As Told By Brandon

Grief is a Strange Bird
is a strange bird
circling overhead,
swooping down,
flying out of sight
and back again.
Did you know that 12 weeks
is a significant mark
when dealing with loss?
They say that’s when reality begins to set in,
as if life could be reassembled
in a few simple steps.
The truth is that grief is a strange bird
perched on an overflowing box of t-shirts
in a hot garage.
Sloppily taped and easily torn open.
Press your face into the cloth
and see what remains.
I’m eating this sandwich slowly.
White bread, turkey, cheese, and chips.
A classic American lunch
known to thousands of working folk
who aren’t sure what became of the life
they thought they’d live,
but I’m not thinking of that now.
I’m considering bringing
your ashes to the table
and placing them across from me.
You see, grief is a strange bird
you catch out of the corner of your eye
that takes whatever progress you’ve made
back to zero.
It’s a sucker-punch from
an invisible opponent.
It’s using every ounce of will
to hold yourself together,
because breaking down
in front of “strangers
is not an option.
It’s needing to write the poem
because will-power might not be enough.
You see, grief is a strange bird
trailed by dark clouds
that blot out the sun
and bring your world
to a halt.
Thank you to Brandon for this simply beautiful poem. This is a poem from his own book, The Year that Stole the Light Away. Check out Brandon’s website for more wonderful works like this one.
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Photo by Evee.
Sending you peace.

9 thoughts on “As Told By Brandon

  1. Beautiful poem/prose. Only one thing I would question about it: Why is “breaking down
    in front of strangers not an option?”
    We probably should not wear our emotions on our sleeves for everyone to see all the time, but there are times that letting the emotions flow over and around us, embarrassing onlookers who wonder, “What’s wrong with that person?” is the best thing for us and for them.
    A friend once told me, “Never explain yourself; your enemies won’t believe you, the ones who don’t know you won’t care, and your friends will love you anyway.” 😉

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss and pain. Grief will have its due, no matter what. It is such a painful, lonely journey. Friends can offer comfort, but the walk is one that we must take alone. I wish you well.

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