#8 Thursday Thoughts: What Are You Proud Of?

Another question that we are so excited to hear the responses about.

Katie & Evee

28 thoughts on “#8 Thursday Thoughts: What Are You Proud Of?

  1. I’m proud of being the best version of me that there could ever be.
    I’m proud of my mistakes because that’s where I learn to make my greatest achievements. Most of all I’m proud of my works and the works I read from others โค๏ธ

  2. Proud of my sons and their families as well as their station in life.
    Proud of, hopefully, beating cancer.
    Proud of you for the courage you show.
    Other things to numerous to mention

  3. I’m proud that I am overcoming some serious issues that I have struggled with for years. It’s certainly not been easy, but I’m getting there

  4. I’m proud of getting up in the morning. I’m proud of my family for getting where they are and through what they have. And i’m proud to see such amazing resilience and generosity in all of the wonderful people on here.
    Stay strong, be brave, keep fighting. โค
    And thank you so much for posting this!

      1. Lol, thanks! And my family really is amazing.. and chaotic and messy and crazy. But I love them. Thank you!
        I hope you’re doing well and have a beautiful day as well!๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. I’m proud to be called the daughter of our King – sometimes not the best one, but amazingly He still loves me ๐ŸŒธ.
    And I’m proud of my husband getting great results with an online course he’s busy doing … he’s so determined to be the best he possibly can (that inspires me to be the same).

  6. Today, when I’m reading this post, I’m not proud of anything. Am a failure. A loser. What have I achieved in life? Everything I’ve touched has turned to dust. Am a colossal disappointment. Today I feel I can’t do this anymore but I know I’ll… So, yes, maybe I’m proud of being so strong – strong enough to not sink even when I can’t swim anymore.

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