My Name Is Evee, What’s Yours?

My name is Evee. Not Evie or Eve, in fact I dislike both of those names quite strongly. My dad named me Eve, but somewhere along the line, that little vowel that defines so much was thrown in there.

I remember the first time I learnt to write my name. It was on a laminated piece of card that spelled out E v e e, with arrows in the letters to guide me through. I sat with my pen carefully retracing my steps until I had it engraved into my mind.


The straight edge, the sharp dip of the v, and the curling cruising e’s that follow on. That sharp strike through the arms of the capital at the end.

There comes a moment where we ask ourselves “Who am I?” yet I’ve always been quite confident in my answer. So really, I like to ask myself “What am I?”. Am I cruel? Am I rude? Am I selfish? Am I tired? Am I hungry?

I am kind. I am hardworking and want to do something with my life that means something. I want to touch people’s souls, and I want them to feel at home with me. I want to be trusted enough that people can open up to me and know they will be accepted with their grief, mental health and life stories. I think kind and hard working are the qualities I work at every day. I want to choose these qualities because so many people assume these things about themselves, but really, we can see how far from the truth they are.

Another huge part of me is being my mum’s daughter. This is another active choice that I make daily. I choose to be the person my mum believed (and believes) I would be. I try to be the person I believed I would grow up to be.

But this being said, I also make a lot of mistakes. I make so many mistakes that I’ve run out of fingers to count them on. Mistakes have somehow led me here, in this room, to where I need to be. My name was a mistake you see, a happy accident in which an extra ‘e’ was thrown in because my parents thought that was how you spelled Evie.

I am a writer. I have never really been good at talking. I forget my words often, my voice is so loud that everyone hears it, and so many people have called me too loud, annoying, blah, blah, blah. My fingers however, no one has criticised. My trust lies in my hands. They carry the essence of who I am. I have quite big hands, yet they have so much to bear that I guess I needed quite big ones.

When I think of the truth, it winds its way out into the world through the act of writing. When I think of some of my hardest conversations, they have happened through letters. I don’t care much for texting, I care about long amounts of time being written into a folded piece of paper that we both care about.

I am just Evee. I am silly, loyal, a bit dramatic. I stick to the truth. I write my truth, and I let you have yours. I will never try to convince you of my position, because looking into your eyes and knowing that we trust each other is more than enough for me. I want to work on myself to be a better version of me than I was yesterday, however I also want to know that sat here, with my legs folded under me, my shoulders half frozen, and my little nose cold: What Evee is, is enough.

If you are struggling with sense of identity, or wondering where you can go from here, start small. What are you today? Then we can move onto your character, and we can plant seeds of new hope about how we want to be moving forward. Bless the sacred act of changing, my friend. Grow through what you go through. Do not come out the other side the same person, or worse, negative, trying to bring people down. Good people don’t have to shout about being good.

A good way to start this journey can be to work on knowing how you feel about small things. For me, it was how poetry made me feel. Gently and over time I managed to build up that relationship and trust with myself to understand how I feel about so many other aspects of life and identity also.

So what’s in a name? What is in your name? I would love to hear about your names origins, or what it means to you. I can’t wait to read these comments.

All good wishes, my friends.

Evee x

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44 thoughts on “My Name Is Evee, What’s Yours?

  1. My name is Vasil and I celebrate name day on 1st January every year 🙂
    Evee your name is so melodic 💓 Congrats for your talent to write!

  2. Evee … such a beautiful name 🌸. It’s soft on the tongue, but there is a sense that a surprise is waiting for you when calling you by your name!
    I’ve got 3 names (was born in the time when it was tradition to be named after mother/grandmother/great-grandmother … but my parents used a shorter version of my last name (Cornelia) and since I can remember, I was called “Corna”. The biblical meaning of ‘Cornelia’ means ‘strong willed or wise’ … I will not disagree 😊.

  3. There is a video game named after you: “Let’s Go Eevee!” which is part of the Pokémon series. Everyone loves this character. Eevee has an extra “e” in the name and yet it is one of the most beloved characters out there. I think that Evee is pretty close in terms of spelling.

    My name is Hilary and everyone spells it Hillary. It drives me crazy. I really hate it when people use the Hillary Clinton reference. I am more like a Hilary Duff (spelled with 1 l). Some people will never spell your name right no matter what you tell them. 🤷‍♀️

    1. I love Eevee! She’s one of my favourite pokemon 🤍 maybe I will have to try let’s go eevee in the future!
      Ahaha that is so true Hilary. Some people just don’t want to learn!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment x

      1. Angela. And I can’t stand when people call me either Angie or Angel, so I totally can relate to what you were saying.

  4. Hi, my name is Christopher. I got that name because my mother liked the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. My middle name is Leo, which was my father’s name and his father’s. My last name is Couch, which is like the name Baker or Miller. It’s a crafting name; a thousand years ago or so members of my family made soft pillows to put on hard, medieval furniture.

    I don’t care for Chris but don’t correct people unless they ask. Maybe I should insist. I think I would have liked the nickname Robin or Topper.

    I enjoy reading the story of your name. Your storytelling voice is open and engaging. Be well, Christopher

    1. Hello Christopher, it’s so wonderful to virtually meet you 🙂 my mum loved Winnie the Pooh as well!
      I love the story behind your name, so much knowledge and intricacy behind it 🤍
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with me.
      Be well Christopher! Evee x

  5. My formal name is Harold, a personal name derived from the Old English name Hereweald, derived from the Germanic elements here “army” and weald “power, brightness”. The Old Norse cognate, Haraldr, was also common among settlers in the Danelaw.

    My last name is Barbera, a Southern Italian derogatory nickname from barbera ‘barber’s wife’, a term also used to denote a prostitute or dishonest woman. Catalan (Barberà): habitational name from a place in Tarragona province, named with Late Latin Barbarianum ‘place of Barbarius’, a derivative of Barbarus (see Barbaro).

    But I just use Hal and lean toward the barber’s wife side! My father was indeed an honest-to-God barber…Lol really…

  6. 💗 Love this! My name is Kelley, with an extra “e” 😉 Someone convinced my mom to add that e while she was in the hospital having me. I’m glad she did! I love my name!

      1. Gary…. often get called Garry, Gal, Gazza. My autocorrect tries to change it to Gay. My bro abs sisters are called Paul, Pat, Pam, Pauline. Spot the odd one out. Named by sister after her favourite cowboy actor……

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