#10 Thursday Thoughts: Do You Have Any “Covid Keepers”?

A Covid Keeper is something that you have learnt through living in lockdown that you want to take with you as well slowly come out. For example, we want to maintain our daily practice of yoga, embroidery and going for long walks.

We also want to keep our overall sense of gratitude and mindfulness.

Special thanks to Helen for asking us this question over the weekend to get us thinking.

Cannot wait to hear what you have to say!

Katie & Evee

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48 thoughts on “#10 Thursday Thoughts: Do You Have Any “Covid Keepers”?

  1. I am treasuring my friends more now. While I always say family is most important (and they are), I really miss seeing friends in person too! I used to believe I was more of a loner…

  2. I appreciate the extra time spent with my child, having lunches together, working on school class work has created more bonding time, I’ll miss this when my full-time schedule resumes.

  3. Mulling this one over; hmm, Covid Keepers?
    Well, in our 60s my bride and I will probably do like our Japanese and Korean friends have done for years: mask up when out in public, as you never know what the next “bug” will be. (Somewhere Louis Pasteur said “The bugs will win,” but I cannot find the quote anywhere.)
    We take 1-2 hour walks, usually split into two each day.
    Working from home. Anita was the first about 10 years ago to offer online classes at UK (the University of Kentucky, NOT the REAL UK 😂). Now she will continue that without even having to go in for office hours or faculty senate meetings.
    Zoooooming all over the world! We used to occasionally Skype, but now friends are comfortable with the Zoom platform, so we get to do weekly and monthly visits all around the world, keeping in mind there is a 13-14 hour difference between us and Mongolia, Korea and Japan! And 8 hours-30 minutes to Afghanistan!

  4. 💜 No I Don’t have any “”Covid Keepers”” EveryOne; much of my 3DLife is Solitudinal AnyWay as I Don’t Like Being Around People Very Much and now I Have The Perfect Excuse for Respectfully Declining Their Social Invitations


  5. I shall have to carry with me the lesson to be a little more patient. Things will happen in their time, maybe not the time I like but what’s the rush anyway. Also untold gratitude to the district nurses . who often do a forgotten job but keep so many of us alive at home..

  6. Good question! For me it’s been time spent with God, committing to pray for certain people and nations on a daily basis. When things were opening up again, I still tried to keep those commitments. It’s more of a challenge now, but I find I’m not automatically turning on the radio in the car any more, or in the kitchen, for that matter. I used to be addicted to noise, but that doesn’t seem to define me any more.

  7. What we mainly learn from this Covid pandemic is how vulnerable our contemporary society is. Not only because of the virus itself, but also because of the division among the people themselves …

  8. I have learned that although I live alone and have always enjoyed my own company that the company of important others is essential to my mental and physical well-being. Parents, family and close-friends have been pulled even closer, I jump at each chance to spend time (even if for a few minutes) with those I hold most dearly.

  9. Because of my job I haven’t been in lockdown. So all the things due to covid in my life right now are probably not the same at all, but I could definitely live without them! There’s the heat and sticky of PPE, the time the PPE glue stuck to my hair and some got ripped out, the constant regular covid tests (a Lateral Flow one just now actually), the times I’ve had to shower at work and put all my clothes in a red bag, then also stripping off before entering the house and putting those clothes in the washing machine, running up the stairs to the bathroom when it’s been cold weather, just in my birthday suit… Oh and not being able to get a loaf of bread the other day, geez that sucked. To be honest, nope, I 100% don’t want to take anything from my last year really, in fact I will try to forget it, especially the thoughts that comes with knowing how many didn’t make it and that people are still being #### about wearing just a mask, not full PPE, just a mask! However, I did sign up to be of help, so I probably need to shut the #### up and as I like to say to myself when I realise I’ve stated mentally ranting “More tea vicar?” 😉

    1. We are so appreciate what you have been doing, and the sacrifices you have made. You are not unnoticed, you are so appreciated 🤍
      Absolutely, do not take anything from it, let us just move on and grow away from 2020 🤍
      You don’t have to shut up, your thoughts, feelings and opinions are so valid x

      1. Thanks Lovelies. ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 🤍 🤎
        It was a bit of a rant yesterday wasn’t it. So today I’m up for saying just a few somethings that have been good in 2020.
        Hearing someone singing who doesn’t talk, all the words to a song; That beautiful sunset I captured on my phone the time I stopped on the way home; Learning Georgian for the lady who came from Georgia, Polish for the man who came from Poland and French because why not; Dancing down the corridors and seeing people smile at my crazy antics, for who doesn’t loves an appreciative audience; Oh and of course seeing all those handmade rainbows 🌈 everywhere, so sweet, bless ’em, I love seeing those.

      2. That will be Monday and in the meantime here is a share of our beloved Sofy singing Time after time (Eva Cassidy version):

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