The Algorithm For Happiness (Part 2)

Part 1 discussed the importance of having a healthy foundation to help you tackle life’s issues. I spoke about how when you have that secure and stable foundation, hard things aren’t as hard as they seem. I have come to accept that there will always be something to worry about, no matter what.

But what is my algorithm for happiness? Your algorithm for happiness has to cover all aspects of your life: environment, body, mind, soul and your support network.

Mine looks a little bit like this…

What do you look at regularly?

I look at social media, my phone background, my room, and nature every day. I regularly clean my social media of people or influencers who make me feel bad or “less than”. I follow accounts that make me feel motivated, calm and in control. Most notably, I follow Russell Brand, awaken_healers, justgirlproject and body positive pages.

I also follow a lot of meme pages because who doesn’t like laughing? I changed my phone background to a quote mum loved, saying “Everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” My room is full of cards from people who make me feel loved, and pictures of my mum and Katie.

I bought loads of plants so that the first thing I see when I wake up, makes me feel calm and happy.

What is the first thing you see when you wake up? Make it a photo of someone you love, your favourite quote, a gorgeous little plant. It makes a difference to your day, thats for sure.

What do you put in your body?

I try to eat 80% healthy, so that I know that my brain, muscle, heart, skin etc are all getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients my body needs. That 20% I see as food for my soul, and that’s often times something quite sweet or chips, or a takeaway.

What do you like to eat? I think diet is so very important. I know there is a huge shift in my mood if I am consistently eating healthy, versus if I have a week of consistent poor choices.

What do you wear?

This one is tricky as some of us may not be in a position to buy clothes that make us feel good. However, what we can do, is get rid of those lumpy weird jumpers we grab out of habit. Perhaps donating old clothes that don’t spark joy will make you feel good as well.

It makes a huge difference to me knowing my wardrobe is full of clothes that I do like, and which like me back!

What are you around?

Specifically, lets think about your room. It is proven that plants make you happy. It might be lovely to take a day out and go to a garden centre if you can. If you cant, there are so many websites that deliver plants to your door! You can also take clippings from your friends’ plants. Watching it grow is a great feeling.

It might also be lovely to try to get on top of any mess, or a chair that maybe has so many clothes on it, you get freaked out by it in the night.

Who are you around?

The same way you donated your weird old jumper, if someone does not spark joy in your heart, let them go. People should fill you with life and love. If someone doesn’t make you feel like that, and in fact you cant remember the last time they made you feel loved, perhaps a change will feel good. Don’t be afraid of being alone, you have your best friend with you all the time (that’s you by the way).

People are fundamental to our existence as social beings. If you think that you become the 5 people you spend the most time with, let us choose people who make us laugh, and feel love.

How are you sleeping?

Earlier nights, and earlier mornings have done wonders for my optimism and resilience levels.

Are you moving your body?

Have a wiggle. Have a dance. Feel your heart and know you are alive.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a punishment for your body. It is an act of love, and can even be part of your self-care plan.


This is my algorithm for happiness. It might help you to look at my framework and cut, paste or delete where necessary. Maybe other things are more important to you: for example, spending time with your pet, starting new hobbies, or having manageable daily goals.

I like to think of my algorithm as my “Best Chance”. My best chance helps me to confront and deal with issues with a far more relaxed attitude.

You are promoting positivity in your mind and surroundings, but you are also reducing the amount of drains on your energy. For example, staying up late and feeling guilty for it the next day, fastfood hangovers, feeling bad in your clothes. 

Promote growth wherever you can. 

I would love to know what your algorithm for happiness looks. What would be your top mention (starting small)?

Have a peaceful day, and if you cant have a peaceful day, I hope you find some peace soon.

Evee x

22 thoughts on “The Algorithm For Happiness (Part 2)

  1. Laughter definitely has to be a part of any day. Food – yes! I’m more of a 99-100% healthy diet person. (I’m guessing I’m a lot older than you are.😏) My body has learned to love and crave salads, whole grains, fish, etc. Daily walking, biking, and singing are good for the heart and lungs. Most of all, time spent with Jesus, who loves me more than anyone, who created me for a reason, and who wants me to be all I can be – for Him. 💕

  2. Russell Brand!? Reeeally!? It is difficult for me to imagine using “Russell Brand” and “happiness” in the same sentence! 😂
    As for you mum’s quote, this is one of my favorites from The Exotic Marigold Hotel said with the musical lilt of the Indian manager’s English: “It will be all right in the end; if it’s not all right, it’s not the end.”
    I love your open-handedness and gentleness in your recommendations: “It might help you to look at my framework and cut, paste or delete where necessary.” No one can be forced to do something against their mind, even if it is good for them.
    God bless you, Evee.

    1. Ahahhaha I just find him quite motivational!
      Yes absolutely! That was one film we used to watch together 🤍
      It goes against my will to tell people what to do! I myself hate it ahah.
      Lots of love. God bless x

  3. 💜 I Turn InSide and Rely on NoOne but Me EveryOne; some say I Must Be Mad To Be So Anti-Social…so I Agree with Me in Four Simple Words; it’s ‘Mad To Be Me’ followed by Four Simple Letters in “I ‘LOVE’ To Be Me.”


      1. 💜 Please don’t get me wrong everyone; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I NEED!!! NoOne yet I Appreciate The Bonus of Those Who CHOOSE!!! To Be There and I Help Them To Set Boundaries as They Manage Their CareTaking of Others in Order to AVOID!!! OverCareTaking and Their Totally UnIntentional, Destructive RAGING RESENTMENT!!!


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