#11 Thursday Thoughts: How Are You Doing Really?

We want to hold this space for you. You can vent, gush or sound off in the comments below 🙂

Katie & Evee x

28 thoughts on “#11 Thursday Thoughts: How Are You Doing Really?

  1. What a lovely invitation. To be heard. To be really asked…. How are you? Not as the usual way it’s used, as another form of hello, but as a genuine question with depth.
    I’m struggling. With grief. With a sick 12 year old kitty… One that I adopted in January after her owner died. I had lost my two 17 year olds kitties within 6 months of my retiring last May. I thought we could grieve together… But not like this.
    Grief is a familiar companion as I age. Family, human and 4 legged, friends, each go at their appointed time. I ache with each loss. I feel everything more intensely these days….. which feels like both a blessing and a curse.
    I’m working on my own estate planning. Strange feeling… Preparing for my own death.
    I live alone…. Intentionally. Solitude is where I meet myself….. But it’s not always easy. Time to think and feel….. Again a blessing and a curse.
    And, in the midst of all of this, I am grateful for life. Pain is part of it. If I want to feel the depth of the joy, I must be willing to feel the depths of the grief. The joy becomes so much sweeter….. And the pain so much deeper. It is life. It is the journey. I’m grateful to have others who can hear and understand and stand beside me. You are all a gift. And I thank you.

    1. Grief is love that has no where to go, and you have so much love in you 🤍 I so know what you mean about feeling things so intensely. It’s really hard x
      You are a gift onto the world x thank you for sharing with so much candour and honesty. It is a joy to share this part of our blog with you, my dear friend x

    2. Struggling with grief is such a pain, as that struggle is being MORE aware of loss and death than the usual background noise awareness. Occasionally it can be so LOUD and out of tune that it drowns out the wonderful things all around us and that is when we need to reach out to someone able to help turn the volume down.

  2. WoW! Such a lovely invitation from two beautiful young women leaves me surprised this blog is not filled with dozens of young men vying for your attention! As it stands so far, only a nice lady replying, and this old geezer. 🤠
    Hey, if you pray, pray for me, that my heart will not get as hard as my arteries. So much discord in the news, so much hatred and inconsideration. What ever happened to my mother’s advice, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” But on social media we spout obscenities without realizing real people are reading; the distance invites us to pretend to anonymity and act as if our words have not consequence beyond the “Likes” we get from the like-minded.
    I could claim to be an evergreen tree and get 1000 “Likes.”
    Thanx, Katie and Evee (of the 2 Es) for letting me vent here. ❤️&🙏

  3. I would lie if I say I’m not doing great … had to spent some quality time with my mom today (shopping and drinking coffee) and just appreciating her still being with me.
    And my husband prepared one of my favourite meals for dinner (‘tamatie bredie’ … it’s a stew of mutton, tomato and wonderful spices that cooks for a very long time on the stove … real hearty food) – what a great way to show his love for me.
    I feel really blessed … and my heart goes out to those not so privileged 💌.

  4. How am I? I am frequently happy and sometimes, the news terrifies me. Eugenics has reared its ugly head again in the form of “Replacement Theory”. My playlist loops on The Perisher’s song lyric: “We need pills to sleep at night, we need lies to get us through the day, we’re not ok”. Here in Hawaii, the weather is no excuse for feeling blue, nevertheless, one must grieve the losses of the Plague Year, and fight the haters. Sending aloha to Katie and Evee and all their readers.

  5. How am I doing? My husband of 48.8 years is dying in the next room. He has been ill for 22+ years. Hospice has told me to get our affairs in order. He is down 72 pounds over the past year. Then yesterday his aunt calls me “brave.” I don’t think of myself as brave because I know that I am terrified. I have never seen my husband like this. I have never watched him die. Thanks for letting me be myself here. Thanks for sharing your grief.

    1. You are welcome to share your grief, and be yourself here, any time you want.
      I am so sorry that life has unfolded this way. You do not deserve this, and neither does your husband, of course. There are no words that we can say to take the pain away, but please know, you have a whole community over here rooting for you, praying with you and keeping you in our thoughts.
      You are not alone.

  6. Thank you for sharing!!… have put sadness and grief on the back burner, woke up on the green side of the grass with dreams in my pocket and memories in my heart and ready for new adventures… 🙂

    Until we meet again..

    May the road rise to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your face
    The rains fall soft upon your fields
    May green be the grass you walk on
    May blue be the skies above you
    May pure be the joys that surround you
    May true be the hearts that love you.
    (Irish Saying)

  7. Trying to figure out the best way to cope with setbacks in life. I have developed a somewhat thick skin to some recurring issues. But the new ones still knock me out of my senses. I don’t like wasting time and delaying my overall progress in life because of some setbacks.

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