Any Submissions?

Hello lovely people! We still have spots available for the rest of April and May!

What Can I Submit?

  1. A post about your story
  2. A simple sentence explaining what you think grief is, ie. “Grief is…”
  3. Photos that have a memory attached to it
  4. Quotes which resonate with you
  5. What grief has taught you
  6. Or anything else at all!

If you would like to submit a post, you can email us at or you can submit at our contact us page!

Other ways you can submit is through DMing us on our social media, or commenting below!

We cannot wait to read your submissions!

See you soon!

Katie & Evee x

10 thoughts on “Any Submissions?

  1. Grief is kind of the final emotion. It comes in suddenly, with the advent of tragedy. Then, it just lasts until you become strong enough to remember the event, but not to regret it.

  2. 💜 Grief is Good, Crying Cleansing; the Grief Process involves, in no particular order or duration, DABDA (Denial Anger Bargaining Depression then Authentic Acceptance) ~ Credit to ‘Death and Dying’ by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross


      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome; it’s Entirely Up to YOU!!! I Share for Sharing Alone…while Credit is Appreciated it’s often Anonymity that Fosters Our Willingness to Share; this is because We ARE Far Too Concerned about Copyright when We Actually Own NoThing that We Take to Our Graves…so please Share Away to YOUR!!! Hearts Content; a Legacy of Anonymous Sharing is More Than Enough for AnyOne just like ARAOK (Anonymous Random Acts Of Kindness)


  3. Grief is the hollowness in your heart that only fades with time and effort and sometimes even effort isn’t enough to make cleanse the pain that grief brings along with it. Grief is crying an endless ocean of tears, the longing in the heart, falling into a bottomless pit which seems to have no ground beneath.

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