One Third of the Way

We are one third of the way through 2021. Scary.

Get a pen and paper, write all you have achieved thus far:

  • What are the Big things? Like moving house, bettering your mental health, or submitting work for deadlines.
  • What are the Medium things? Like consistently eating healthily, socialising more.
  • What are the Little things? For example, successfully looking after plants, trying something new, donating £5 a month to charities.

Now, write all the goals for our next third.

  • What are your Big goals? Maybe you want to work on your mental health. Making friends.
  • What are your Medium goals? Perhaps its getting out of the house more, or starting a consistent workout plan.
  • What are your Little goals? From positive self talk, to drinking less coffee, or trying to smile every day.

For your goals, it’s okay that your Little goals might be someone else’s Big goals. It might also be helpful to make monthly little goals, ie. £1-5 a month to charities, because at the end of the next third, you’ll realise you’ve donated £4-20 to charity! That’s a massive goal to me.

Look at how far you have come, and smile. We are so proud of you. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next.

If you feel brave, perhaps you could share some of your list in the comments below! We look forward to reading your responses!

If you take anything from this post take this:

Whatever you did in the first third was enough. It is okay. You were doing your best. You have been a huge success.

Here’s to a new beginning.

Evee x

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  1. That’s a wonderful way to evaluate our progress in this year through all our achievements, big or small!! Best wishes to you for the rest of this year.

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