April Recap!

In case you missed anything from April…

As Told By Evee:

I started the month by writing about what my name means to me, in my post My Name is Evee, What’s Yours? I spoke about the qualities I have in myself, and what they mean to me. In the comments, people shared the meanings of their names. It was an unexpected joy that made my day.

I followed this post on with The Algorithm for Happiness posts. Part 1 focussed on why it is important to give yourself a chance for the most amount of success, and Part 2 focussed on how I do that for myself. I share ideas that may help you, and lots of people mentioned their own vital components for their Algorithms for Happiness.

April also saw the post I wrote about What I Learned From Living Alone. In this post I shared my lessons as well as my thoughts on “respite” and what that means to me.

I also wrote a poem this month, called Gently, My Mother. I wrote this poem on a sunny day that made me miss my mum dearly. You can never quite understand how or why grief hits you, can you? I delved further into my grief in the post I Thought I Saw You Yesterday. In this post, I spoke about the complexities of thinking you have seen your person on the street.

Finally, my April writings came to a close with my post: A Third of the Way. What do you want to take with you into the next third of the year?

As Told By You:

We had beautiful posts from Linda, beautifully sharing her experience losing her baby, Megan, who wrote about choosing clothes for a funeral, and Lisa Mae, who shared her grief lessons.

If you would like to submit for June 2021, feel free to email us at thegriefreality@outlook.com with your post!

Thursday Thoughts:

In Thursday Thoughts, we had wonderful discussions about:

Something To Brighten Your Day:

Going forward, we have really enjoyed our Something To Brighten Your Day posts. In May, we would like to continue this under our Something To Brighten Your Sunday!

This months posts were #2, featuring sunny beach photos, and #3, which shows the plays of light Evee photographed throughout her day.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading The Grief Reality in April. It is a joy to have somewhere to talk so openly about grief, mental health and general ramblings.

Wishing you well for the month of May.

Katie and Evee x

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