A small post.

A post which is small and mighty.

Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves. Mum always said we have a poison parrot on our shoulder who says stuff like “you should have tried harder”, “you should have done more” or “dont do that again.” It compares yourself to others too: “They wouldn’t have done that”. Life’s hard enough without an eternal war in your head.

I’m working hard on wrapping up his beak and pushing him off.

You were enough, you are enough, you will always be enough.

I’m working on it, too. It’s no small feat, and I think we all know that. I was enough, I am enough, I will always be enough.

Sending you all the best wishes,

Evee x

20 thoughts on “A small post.

  1. πŸ’œ Very Good; that is ALL, Carry On <- Very British


  2. That’s one stupid parrot should have been made dead for a Monty Python sketch. You may not make 150 so you can be all you could ever be, but you’ll always be enough up to that point.
    Huge Hugs

  3. πŸ’œ The “Parrot” may be dead or NOT!!! but Mr Creosote Certainly is after “One WΓ fer Thin Mint”; so it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Brian is The Co-Messiah but Refused to Acknowledge It and still Got Crucified for Doing NoThing Wrong except SUCCEEDING!!! “Success is Suicide…”, ‘Lost+’ ~ Coldplay


  4. β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    β—‡ Not such a “Small post…” a after ALL EveryOne; from acorns oaks grow

    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡


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