The Art of Falling Over

As you know, Evee and I have both taken up roller skating. I used to roller blade a little when I lived in Spain so jumped at the opportunity to buy a pair of skates when she suggested it.

As anyone who roller skates/blades or ice skates will know, learning comes from falling over. You have to fall over in order to progress. I came to terms with this fact as I bound my wrists tightly and padded my knees and elbows. I couldn’t even recall the last time I fell over, let alone setting out on an activity with the intention of falling over.

To say the least, I was wobbly to begin with – an appropriate simile here would be that of bambi on ice. “BEND YOUR KNEES!” Evee would yell to prompt me to lower my centre of gravity as I clung to my knee pads and avoided another close call. Thankfully we had found a quiet road to practice on.

Nearly falling over but saving yourself doesn’t really fill you with confidence in an activity when there is a constant threat of falling over. Saving yourself from falling over as a beginner skater does not mean that you are safe from falling over within 10 seconds after saving yourself the first time. There are wheels attached to your shoes after all.

Of course, it was not long before I was sprawled across the road having fallen down. Another appropriate simile here would be a likening to a sack of potatoes. But I was thankful to have been wearing the protective gear, and also thankful to have quite a big bum (!)

“CRAWL ON TO YOUR TOE STOPS!” – She’s very direct when giving instructions you know. But I followed Evee’s instructions willingly, determination and laughter written all over my face. I was quite impressed that it was not long before I was back up, skating a little less wobbly this time knowing that I had my first big fall out of the way.

A couple of hours later and a few more falls under my belt, the fear had subsided and I leaned in to the skates more easily, gliding more confidently.

Confidence grows from knowing that even when you do fall, you know how to get back up and carry on skating!

And we’re off!


Katie x

14 thoughts on “The Art of Falling Over

  1. This makes me recall my first time on roller skates as a 16 year old. Our church youth group had rented the rink for the night, about 200 kids ages 12-20, and a handful of adults. An “informant” told me I had been elected “king” for the evening by a penny vote we had held the previous month to raise money for missions. The “queen” who had been elected was one of the most beautiful girls I knew. My “informant” warned me that near the end of the evening, the Kind and Queen would be announced and would have to skate around the rink once holding hands!!! My heart did flip-flops just thinking of holding Janice Furr’s hand! 😍
    BUT I had never been on skates before. 😨
    So I decided not to hold onto the sideboards AT ALL and spent much of the evening dusting off my black dress slacks. The slacks were dusty brown by the time the K/Q skate came around, but I was able, though still a little wobbly, to hold her hand and go around the rink without falling, or worse, dragging her down! My romantic dreams never went anywhere, but I got to hold the prettiest girl’s hand for a round. Mark one off of my bucket list. 😊

  2. Nice! Well done! It reminds me of going ice skating a couple of years ago for the first time in a long time. Indeed, lots of falls, and yet, we go again. Fun.

  3. My youth group from church would have the occasional night out at the local skating rink. I was never really GOOD, but proud that I learned the correct way to skate around the corners! Later, as an adult, I tried it again, telling myself that I had to get that first fall ‘out of the way’ so I could quit worrying about it. I wasn’t prepared for the person who skated by me with arms flailing to knock me on my butt, however! I jerked my head as I fell backwards, remembering suddenly that the floor was concrete. My butt was fine – the case of whiplash wasn’t so much fun! It’s something I certainly wish I was young and flexible enough to still be able to enjoy, though!

  4. This is so important, I’ve done Roller Derby for about 5 years now and the very first thing we teach is how to fall.

    Not just fall, but falling safely. Derby’s got a lot of skills that can be life lessons lol.

  5. Roller skating & falling
    we’re not always nice
    Ice skating and falling
    breaking through the ice
    we’re some fine artful memories
    of the forties and early 50s
    Fond memories I do think!

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