#14 Thursday Thoughts: What’s Been The Best Part Of Your Week So Far?

We hope that you enjoy the rest of your week. If it hasn’t been so great so far, perhaps your highlight is yet to come.

We can’t wait to read your comments 🤍

Katie & Evee x

43 thoughts on “#14 Thursday Thoughts: What’s Been The Best Part Of Your Week So Far?

  1. Coming home. I enjoyed the first trip since COVID restrictions relaxed. Had a great time, but there is nothing like sleeping in my own bed.

  2. We have had amazingly cool weather here in Lexington, Ky, this entire week, rarely getting up to 60⁰F (16⁰C) and my bride and I have loved these temps for our two 2-mile walks each day. But next week, spring cools give way to summer hots (80⁰F=27⁰C)!

  3. The best part … well, I had a haircut earlier this week (now I only have to spent minutes on my hair again 😁).
    But, I think the best is yet to come … I have our weekly bible study session with my friend tomorrow. We are busy doing the Book of Esther and love every moment of this study – definitely a highlight in my week!

  4. I spent the day at home for today’s a Holyday. I could not think of a better way to spend my day off school hence I read blogs by fellow bloggers. I like that I also successfully saved my next blog post in my drafts. I can’t wait for it to be published. Those two (reading and writing) are my highlights for the week so far!

  5. Sorry, I’ve not registered in my mind what was proper highlights, but there was some low points, but maybe they too had within them highlights too (like you get at the hairdressers?). Anyways, it’s all a matter of perspective really, right? There’s been laughter, there’s been tears, it’s all in the [Being Human] manual, right? 📒

  6. 💜 Funnily it’s Been Conflict EveryOne; it’s so easy to GET FUCKING UPSET!!! 😖😣😓😩😫🥱😤😡🤬 ; there’s an Other Process Happening and I Would Rather Peace and Quiet…but by Setting Boundaries and Asserting Them We Seem To Be Getting Through; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Third Parties, especially Those Who KNOW!!! Who We Really ARE WILLING!!! to Assist Us ALL; basically USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath) and ATE (Ascension Team Energising)


  7. Being around inspirational people all day long, regardless of the situation. Hard, easy, all and both. Have a great rest of your weeks. 🙏🤗

  8. Every day is beautiful. Every day is His grace 🙏🙏

    We had special online meditations on Monday – absolutely divine 🙏🙏

    Stay safe. Stay loved 🥰

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