#16 Thursday Thoughts: How Will You Look Back On Lockdown?

We have settled on the fact that we will look back on lockdown like an unlikely friend. It sure was life changing.

Katie & Evee x

23 thoughts on “#16 Thursday Thoughts: How Will You Look Back On Lockdown?

  1. Eternal, which shows the very vulnerabilities which we ignored all this time. May be it’s a waking point for us, for our leaders,

  2. I’m generally an optimistic person who can find some good in just about any situation, but this was a long haul because I simply missed being around my friends, having a beer with buddies, giving hugs to those close to me, etc. The one positive is I got more serious about my writing. We’ve already taken one trip (both of us have been fully vaccinated for six weeks) and I’m looking forward to our family reunion in ten days. I know that I’m going to truly appreciate each opportunity to be around other people again.

  3. 💜 Silver Linings and Creativity in My Self Solitude; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Hate “Grief” yet “Grief” is a Reality so I Seek Strength from “Grief”


  4. Odd. I’ve been thinking about what I learned over the last year. I realized how much I depended on being out of the house to keep my creative juices flowing.

  5. Indeed. I would say that it is too early to say; yet, for now, I will reflect upon the growth, sadness, and beauty that was experienced this past year. Be well. 😊❤️✨

  6. Above all, it is a period in which we got to know ourselves as well as our fellow human beings, even though we had little or no direct contact with them.
    I am particularly concerned about the increasing polarization that is beginning to divide us into two camps. This must be reversed quickly.

  7. Probably an unpopular opinion here, but we are STILL in lockdown where I am from (have been since November) and I have kind of gotten past the whole upset about it and have become thankful for it. I have learned a lot about myself that has allowed me to really stand up for my needs, and I think when we finally get back to a more normal life, I will be stronger in who I am. For example, I have deepened some relationships and absolutely gotten rid of entertaining some that were convenient before covid but ended up being more emotionally draining then what they were worth. I also know now that I can manage friendships without having to constantly be hanging out with people, so I think the crippling FOMO will be a bit less debilitating when I get back to real life. Like saying I am to tired to go to the bar will just be a sorry next time , instead of providing endless anxiety about missing out and friends forgetting about me. I also learned what I need/want from a job and employer, and have become much closer to my parents even though I haven’t really seen them in a while. I also became a plant mom which has never happened before!

    1. You know what, I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion, I completely agree. For me, lockdown represents planting seeds which have flowered beautifully in my life. I have become more willing to stand up for myself, more loving towards myself and overall a lot more peaceful!
      I so agree about FOMO as well.
      Yay lockdown plant mums unite!! 🙂

  8. What a waste of time this lockdown! I have spent most of my time writing for my blog and website. I loved your article. It has all the enotions captured very well like i have written in one of my articles, in my website. Truly good work #mywordskraft

  9. It was life changing! Like I grew so much during lockdown I learnt how to deal with my emotions, I had panic attacks and still managed to deal with it. I am so grateful for the friends I made during lockdown and the connections that helped me heal!

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