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Grief is the hollowness in your heart that only fades with time and effort and sometimes even effort isn’t enough to make cleanse the pain that grief brings along with it. Grief is crying an endless ocean of tears, the longing in the heart, falling into a bottomless pit which seems to have no ground beneath.


Thank you so much to Blog By A for sharing this. Simple, but true. We love hearing about what grief means to different people. There is so much individuality in every post.

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  1. 💜 Happy to Share Here EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that My Parents and Other Primary CareGivers Meant Well with Their Physical Abuse in The Name of Discipline…so I Took My Revenge; ergo now We ARE Still Alive and “Grieving” for Each Other as We ARE Currently UnAble to Find a Way To Like Each Other; it’s like The Living Dead because They May as Well Be Dead To Me…at least if They Were Dead I Wouldn’t Have to Worry About The Next Chat Degenerating in to An Argument…recently I Was Seriously Suicidal; then I STOPPED!!! and then THOUGHT!!! They ARE NOT!!! Worth Dying For, Pretty Morbid HUH!!! 🤔 ?


  2. I seem to recall a saying in my mind, something about when you are going through something horrid, keep going and come out the other side.

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