May Recap!

In case you missed anything from May…

As Told By Katie:

Katie started the month by writing the post The Art of Falling Over, which was a post all about her recent ventures with rollerskating. In this post she speaks on the process of falling over, and most importantly, getting back up. It’s heart warming post and well worth a read!

Sports Day was about cheering yourself on in life after grief, and being your own cheerleader. And finally, Katie ended the month with In My Element, which is a gorgeous post about feeling free and happy whilst walking on Mam Tor. In this post, Katie talks about restrictions lifting and the new freedoms are all sharing.

Finally Katie finished the month with The Odd One Out, a post on how easy it is for grieving people to feel like they dont belong. An excerpt from this post: “Thank you also for choosing to entrust us with your As Told By You posts. I hope you know how much of an honour it is for us that you don’t avoid the conversation and that you trust us with your grief as we trust you with ours. I think that is what I am most passionate about here, in the community we find ourselves in – no one is the odd one out.”

As Told By Evee:

I started this month with A Small Post, speaking about trying to stop warring with yourself. This theme was quite symbolic throughout this month!

As I was starting to enter into my deadline period, I spoke about motivation, within Part 1 of Productivity and Motivation. In this post, I focus on changing the way I approach motivation and how I keep a hold of it. Part 2 focussed on productivity, what it means to me, and how best to support productivity. I enjoyed writing these posts and hope they helped you in anyway at all!

Finally, I finished May with a post on self forgiveness: I’m Sure You Were Just Having A Bad Day, My Friend. I hope from June to extend the same understanding I give readily to others to myself. Rather than beating ourselves up for imperfect behaviour, let us just admit our only fault: we are humans too.

As Told By You:

We had beautiful posts from Daisy, who wrote about the importance of happiness after grief, and giving yourself permission to feel it. Kelley wrote a beautiful tribute to their Father-In-Law, Bob, and the grief of his loss, and Alastair wrote a wonderful post about what grief means to him. We also had the pleasure of reading Kenny‘s beautiful poem called For a Friend. He emotionally touches upon the grief that comes with losing your friend. Finally, Blog By A wrote a piece on what grief means to them.

As always, we are so proud of everything you write. Thank you.

If you would like to submit for June 2021, feel free to email us at with your post. It is an honour to be trusted with your stories.

Thursday Thoughts:

In Thursday Thoughts, we had wonderful discussions about:

Reality Revisited:

Reality Revisited is our new section of the blog, where we repost our work from when we were beginning our grief journeys. With this segment, we aim to reflect on the early struggles of our grief, and what we went through without our mum. We are proud of where we have come from, and of where we are going. We hope you are as well. Overall, we want you to know that if you are struggling with your grief, that is okay. You are not alone.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading The Grief Reality in May. It is a joy to have somewhere to talk so openly about grief, mental health and general ramblings.

Wishing you well for the month of June.

Katie and Evee x

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  1. Well if you can be getting a pinch of happiness with roller or many other sports as filling a paper with a pencil writing about … keepsakes so on. A good therapy to ya is simple the best. Enjoy every second is essential as human beings

  2. 💜 Awesome as ALWAYS!!! Ladies; as I AM Energetically Evolving My Pelvic Girdle Loosened like being pregnant but NOT!!! because I AM a Boy (with a nod in the direction of ‘Little Britain’ and Potential Male Wombs); so, I Fell Over, I Crawled Around My Apartment for Some Linear Time, Got Up on My Knees ((Nothing at ALL Religious to SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) Here)) and I AM Now Back On My Feet ReBuilding Strength and Stamina, Bless Goddess


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