#17 Thursday Thoughts: Would You Like To Share a Funny Memory of Your Loved One?

Funny memories are vital in reminding us that our people were real individuals who are vital cornerstones of our lives.

We can’t wait to read your memories, if you wish to share them 🤍

16 thoughts on “#17 Thursday Thoughts: Would You Like To Share a Funny Memory of Your Loved One?

  1. ❤ It’s My Only Ex-Wife who I AM Still Very Fond of after a Difficult Separation and Divorce in 2006 to 2008, still doesn’t Talk With Me; it’s that SHE!!! would often, Absent Mindedly, Say “I have a sweaty crotch.” and I Would Be THINKING!!! 💭 Why ARE YOU!!! Saying That 🤔 ? 💭 WithOut Saying AnyThing Out Loud


  2. My mom was the absolute best person I’ve ever known. She was the kindest and most compassionate woman. She was extremely proud of her family to the point of introducing her four boys to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. One time after I moved out of the house, and was on my own, I came by for a visit. There was a plumber working in my parents’ bathroom. Mom insisted that I come down and meet him. I’ll never forget the confused look on his face. (I’m laughing out loud just typing this.) The plumber and I looked at each other awkwardly, and I felt like I could read his mind which said, “Look, lady. I’m just here to fix your toilet. I don’t need to meet your family.” 🤣🤣🤣

  3. My dad passed away in 2019, and I have the fondest memories of him talking with random people on the street, in stores, wherever he went. At times, it could be embarrassing, as he was not shy about talking with people about sensitive topics, yet due to his demeanor of welcomeness and authenticity, people always responded with love. Beautiful, funny, fun, and lovely.

    1. Oh wow, that sounds so lovely. Thank you for sharing:) it is so remarkable that moments that used to embarrass us or make us feel cringe, are the moments we hold dearly now x

  4. A few months before my father passed, in 2019, he left me a voice mail. At the end of his voice mail message he said “period” thinking that he was sending a text. He realized what he did, he cussed then laughed at himself. I cherish that funny sweet message.

  5. My brother in law was great. Poor lad passed away at just 33… But we had some great times and have some great memories. He used to have the loudest whistle you ever heard… Sometimes we went to town and he would happen to be in town as well and he would whistle this crazy loud whistle to get our attention… But it also got the attention of every other person who was out shopping, dog walking, etc, so everyone looked up at this crazy loud whistle… We have a lot of funny memories of him like that. We were all so young 😄

  6. I’ve only just found your blog but I can definitely share one of my Dad. On my wedding day, during his speech, my.Dad kind of forgot how a microphone works. He made some cue cards to help him with his speech but after each card, he would say “right, that’s that one done”, directly into the microphone. It’s something that my husband and I still giggle about eight years later.

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