As Told By Tamara

“The intensity of your grief is in direct proportion to the deep love you had for them. This is not something you can skip over, ignore, or run away from. The way out is literally t h r o u g h. There will come a day when the pain of your loss no longer cripples you in every way imagineable; this does not mean you loved them any less. We honor our love for them by coming back to ourselves, to our own lives, and bring them with us as we live into the values they taught us and share the deep love we once had with them, with others.” – Tamara Smith, Owner and Founder @TheGrievingMind 


Thank you so much to Tamara, Owner & Founder @TheGrievingMind, for sharing this wonderful quote about grief and loss. Thank you for sharing such a loving message of hope with this community. What do you think of this quote?

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8 thoughts on “As Told By Tamara

  1. We really need to remember this when others try to shut down and shame our grief process due to their lack of soul depth. It helped me to be told this after my sister died in 2014, I could then answer those back who tried to shut me down out of their own fear and defences.

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