#20 Thursday Thoughts: What Do You Practice Everyday That Your Loved One Taught You?

We carry on our mum’s value of kindness and, unfortunately, her strong stubbornness! We also have her love for the sun, spending time together and a deep love for Dire Straits.

What about you?

13 thoughts on “#20 Thursday Thoughts: What Do You Practice Everyday That Your Loved One Taught You?

  1. 💜 Energetic Evolution and Ascension; taught to Me by My Loving Soul Spouse


  2. oh well met indeed. My MeeMaw’s basic philosophy was “they should live and be well,” and she made a point to always wish everyone well, even if what she really wanted was that they stay well away from her. I aspire to that daily. I don’t always practice it daily.

  3. Hmmmm. No, that’s easy, and a great question. There are so many, so here are a few. Resilience, determination, integrity, work ethic, and love. ❤️

    1. I hope you are doing as well as you can be 🤍 there are no words for the first steps of grief x thank you so much for sharing 🤍
      This is a beautiful comment x

  4. What has been valuable is the perspective of how little I know and understand about life and life’s process. So, to stay open to this moment and engage with what’s here, where life is always unfolding.

  5. To love more…my biological mother and my oldest had the biggest hearts I’ve ever known.

    Let it GO…months before my Dad passed he talked about how my Mom could hold a grudge for way too long. He struggled hard grieving her and I’ll never forget him saying
    “Life really is too short. It wouldn’t matter if I lived to be 100, it would still feel like it flew by too fast. And death is too final. Don’t hold onto grudges or anger with anyone you love or care about. If you wait too long and they die…that’s it. You opportunity is missed”…and coming from a man who had the shortest fuse, stubborn would be too gentle to describe him back then lol…when someone like that says something so unexpected, listen to them.

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