#23 Thursday Thoughts: What Would You Say To Your Loved One If You Could?

From a small comment, to a long letter: What would it be?

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Katie & Evee

16 thoughts on “#23 Thursday Thoughts: What Would You Say To Your Loved One If You Could?

  1. Happy Birthday Darling.. I loved you when we were together and nothing has changed to alter that. But I miss you more each day. I hope you found all that you hoped you would but have saved me a seat. I’m looking after our daughter as best I can and the two beautiful grandchildren you never got to meet. I’m never sure of that as the youngest says you visit her sometimes when she;s asleep. I can believe it of you and wish you’d visit me the same way though I suppose you know that would perhaps unman me worse that losing you did. as I’d lose you all over again.
    Hang on for me darling if we’re to have our eternity together there or back on Earth.
    My love always

  2. Dad and Mom, I love you as I always have, and miss you every day since you left for Heaven. I look forward to worshiping The Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah, around His throne with you someday soon!

  3. What I’d say to each one is different and different each time I bring them to mind. For there’s never a dull moment when there’s the urge to think about loved ones. I mean there could be a “Did you get it right, is it really full o’ Baptists?” and another day to another relative it might be “If I had known, I’d ha’ said I wouldn’t do that shit if I were you!” No, there’s far too many things I might say to each one at any given time, because I can be a chatter box.

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