When I think of a reset, I think of turning the wifi box off, furiously counting under my breath, and then switching it back on, hoping that the wifi will work this time around.

I think the biggest reset that we have all encountered together has been, of course, the pandemic. It felt a bit like we were all counting under our breath waiting for the lift of restrictions to work, this time around. So, the idea of “resetting” has become quite prominent for me, now.

How have I reset myself?

1. Of course, it came with a lot of thinking, and trying new things.

In trying new things, we find within us something new, undiscovered but glinting nevertheless. For example, resilience, confidence, happiness, or determination. This became the first step; I tried as many new things as I could, and said yes to anything and everything.

I think that when we think of a reset, we imagine it comes with a lot of “no”, but mine started with a lot of “yes” to challenge my pre-made judgements that I held in my heart, about myself.

2. I met new people who saw the world in similar, and different, ways to me.

In the edge of our minds, I learnt about how I want to see the world. I learnt how my perspective had to change in order for me to be the person I wanted to be.

3. I tried new clothes and brought clothes out from the back of the wardrobe that felt like me.

I used to worry so much about what was in style that I woke up one day thinking “But none of it is me.” I tried new things, and sent a lot to charity. I bought new shoes, rather than the burnt out, black, shredded (how do shoes even get like that?) black nikes, for shoes that actually support my feet.

4. I changed my hair.

Well, as much as one can when they want to keep their hair long. It’s shorter now, and the experience of going to a hairdressers rather than my friends all “having a go”, was quite refreshing. And my hair no longer resembles Hagrid’s.

5. I started to look for sunrises, instead of sunsets.

Waking up early, and enjoying mornings, has been a wonderful change for me. I get so much more done in a day, and it has boosted my self assurance as well.

6. I let go of the person who I wanted to be, and enjoyed who I am.

Slowly, I have become the version of me I wanted to be, by taking the pressure off.

7. I let go of people.

8. I moved house, and let go of anything that did not represent who I am.

God it felt good! I let go of plants that were on the brink of death (to other people), I got rid of books, I got rid of clutter, old boxes, jackets, a skating helmet…

9. I organised everything to flow naturally.

I spend so much time organising, nesting, and changing my world around me to just make more sense. It has paid off; my room is a zen environment that I just love being in.

10. I said goodbye.

Internally, I was in a state of flux, and I was ready to let things go to make room for new things. I said goodbye to my lovely house and housemates who became such key characters in my life, knowing that I was moving on to another chapter, but these memories would always be with me. Unexpectedly, it has become so wonderful to see them outside of our house, and invite them to my new place; More friends plotted around the city I so love.

Crucially, I have just let go, and let things be. I didn’t put pressure on myself to change, in fact, it was perfectly unexpected, but here we are. It is not that I am different, it is just that I am more and more me.

These past few months has felt like another reset for me, and it is a process that cannot be rushed.. I turned off my power button, counted, bided my time, worked on myself, and now I’ve turned myself back on. Self improvement is something I am so passionate about, and I think that true longterm improvement comes with time. For some things, I believe that time really is the best healer, sometimes. For example, I feel like I could do 6 hours of yoga and just feel tired, but if I do 6 consecutive days where I do 1 hour of yoga, I feel changed.

What’s on your “Reset” list?

I would love to hear. If you want to write a post outlining your ten things, make sure you tag us so that I can read it. Perhaps you would even want to privately write out a list, just for you.

Evee x

20 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Actually, Evee, time does not heal wounds at all. Our changing perceptions CAN facilitate healing, but time has little to do with it. Think of poor people who carry grudges for years or decades; pain of childhood offenses when one is old (like me 😏); injuries to ones body that will never heal (like my broken back 😯). But WE can be healed in our spirits, from any injury, wound or insult. It just takes learning to forgive as we are forgiven. And sometimes it means even forgiving God when we think He made a mistake (He didn’t.).
    As for hair, you would still be lovely, even coiffed like Hagrid! 😊 Congrats on your reset and blessings on you and Katie, ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment c.a, I totally agree with you and never meant that time heals everything!
      As always your comment is insightful and thoughtful 🙏
      Blessings x

  2. Your listing is grand. I have to move; it’s a tenant-landlord thing. I’m nervous, and I try to hope that in the end things could be (I think must be) better.

  3. Reset seems immenent as soon as I stop focusing on who I think I am, who I think I was, or who I will be next, and move my attention on the moments I am experiencing without any judgements. Great post.

  4. I go with not-knowing. What do I not know, first step is new. Sometimes shakes lots of habits. I like your reset and wonder how you will see the next big uncertainty, when climate warming really changes things? Covid shook us all, like a pre-test, to get our looking out for each other and what really matters genes functioning.

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