As Told By Ashley



I almost nod off

in the armchair

that my mother used to sit in

when she was here on Sundays for her dinner.

She was comfortable in this chair,

its wings wrapped around her shoulders

keeping out the draft, in our draftless house.

She would sleep after dinner,

as we washed and cleared away the dishes,

then I’d make a cup of tea

and we’d chat quietly,

the winter sun painting sepia shadows

on the living room walls.

It was the winter of her long life

and still she’d smile and pat my hand,

reassure me,

all was well.

It will be her birthday in a few days,

but she is no longer with us. 

Now I doze in the armchair

full of memories,

and see November shadows

slowly move around the walls,

following the sun as it slips inevitably

towards the horizon.


Thank you so much to Ashley for sharing this beautiful poem about his dear mother who passed away in March 2016 – this is a very special tribute to her. We hope it touches you as much as it has touched us.

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