As Told By Aneesha #2

From tanned, barren, lonely lands

Blows blinding dust of Afghanistan

Women smothered in black tears

Children born shadowed by fears

Of a future so distant, so unknown

Life so petty, all hope so forlorn

Who are the Gods orchestrating

Men at endless wars devastating

Where poppy fields bleed red

Staining shrouds of the undead

Opium dreams fill terror nights

Where gloom sells as paradise

How humanity sleeps in peace

When hearts beat with unease


Thank you so much to Aneesha for this beautiful poem detailing the grief and loss felt globally at the events unfolding in Afghanistan. Our hearts are so heavy, and I think it is important for this grief to be recognised.

Aneesha, you are a gifted and talented writer. You can read Aneesha’s first post by clicking here, and you can visit her blog by clicking here.

Katie & Evee

11 thoughts on “As Told By Aneesha #2

      1. As common people, we can only hope for peace and love. My heart weeps for the women & children. We have no idea how the big machineries of politics & diplomacy work. It is not for you and me to carry the burden of such decisions. Our job is to be compassionate and make a difference where we can!

  1. Again, difficult to click a Like button on a poem about the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan. Some of my friends from Kabul just emailed me … from NEW MEXICO, USA! I am praising God that they got out, but I still have friends in Kabul, Bamyan, and Mazir-i-sharif.
    But beyond the ones I know, I earnestly pray with tears for the Christians (or any non-muslim religionists), and for the women and girls who will bear the brunt of the new ‘bosses’ distortions of the Quran.
    And per my Lord’s call to pray FOR my enemies, I pray for the new leaders that The God Who Is will show them a better path than the one they are currently on.

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