August Recap!

In case you missed anything from August…


I started this month by speaking on how I have tried to reset myself mentally. Reset has a list of ways I have tried to change my mental landscape to promote a healthier place to be. My next post, Tips on Journalling When You’re Feeling… , followed a similar theme of journalling prompts for when you are feeling sad, anxious, grief, and more.

This month I focussed on my mental reset, and what we can actively do to make our world a better place for us to live in.

As told by katie:

Katie wrote the beautiful On Living Intentionally. This post focusses on what changes Katie has made to her life to receive exactly what she sets out to achieve. It really is a gorgeous post, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading it this month!


The month was started of by Bianca, within As Told By Bianca #1, who submitted this beautiful piece of prose about the agonising extent of grief. Our next post of August, was by As Told By Aly Kat #2. This submission was a gorgeous poem highlighting the unjustice Aly feels over missing her person.

This post was then followed by As Told By Bianca #2, which was a beautiful post on miscarriage. As Told By You is such an important part of this blog as we get to learn about the different experiences of grief.

As Told By Over Soil #3 spoke on the distress and confusion left after losing someone you love. As always, Over Soil writes with great beauty. Finally, As Told By Ashley completed our month of As Told By You, with a beautiful poem titled Remembrance.

As always, we are so unbelievably proud of all of you for your comments, submissions and posts that you share with us. Truly, your work is inspiring and helps so many people. Thank you.

If you would like to submit for September 2021, feel free to email us at with your post. It is an honour to be trusted with your stories.


In Thursday Thoughts, we had wonderful discussions about:

Your contributions to these discussions are so invaluable to us! It’s an honour to us that you want to take part.


Reality Revisited is our section of the blog where we repost our work from when we were beginning our grief journeys. With this segment, we aim to reflect on the early struggles of our grief, and what we went through without our mum. We are proud of where we have come from, and of where we are going. We hope you are as well. Overall, we want you to know that if you are struggling with your grief, that is okay. You are not alone.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading The Grief Reality in August. It is a joy to have somewhere to talk so openly about grief, mental health and general ramblings.

Wishing you well for the month of September. I hope this month is kind to you.

Katie and Evee x

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