What We Would Get You For Your Birthday

First of all, I like to think that Katie and I would scrape together our student funds and take you to a spa or an Air BnB.

There, Katie would pop Prosecco, and you would happily proclaim “21 again!” But really, you would be 57 and you would be happy and healthy. We’d probably bicker quite a lot, laugh more and at every opportunity I’d get my phone out to take photos, until you would roll your eyes and say “just put it away, Evee!”

But that’s the beauty of life. It’s feisty, confusing, meandering, but absolutely vibrant and full of life.

I reckon Katie and I would have thought long and hard about what to get you. A month beforehand, I’d get that “Let me know what you want to get Mum for her birthday” text from Katie. I’d have a think, and we’d settle on something lovely, probably an overpriced Pandora bead that you loved so much, and Katie would add that extra special touch like she always does. Whether it is her wrapping, card choice, or confetti, she’d always find a way to make you feel special.

When it came to presents, your eyes always lit up, and you’d give the box a little shake. At 14, I remember marvelling at the fact that a 50 year old woman would get so excited about presents. In front of us that is. In front of others, she’d use that well practice “You shouldn’t have! Don’t be so silly.”

So what would I get you, Mum? I’ve had a think, and I think I’d get you a crystal from Sherwood Forest. Whilst you were unwrapping it, I’d tell you all about Robin Hood, how I didn’t really like Sherwood Forest like I expected. I’d try to wrap it as prettily as Katie, but I’d end up saying “it’s an awkward shape”. I think we’d also get you a salt lamp because they make our rooms so cosy, as well as that Pandora bead (That would end up being your favourite present, anyway).

We loved your birthday. It was so full of life.

It still is full of life, bit life which is frozen. An untouchable element to your birthday which seems far too cruel to me.

Happy Birthday Mum, I hope you enjoyed your day.

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