Third Year

I jumped into the uber, politely asked how my driver was doing, and after exchanging pleasantries, he asked me what year I was in.

“Third year.” I said with a polite smile.

“You have to make the most of this year then! After that, it is just work, one day for family, and one day for yourself.” I nodded my head slowly, and let my eyes slip away with the trees outside of the window.

Internally I rolled my eyes. Not because I didn’t believe his line, but because I am tired of this line being regurgitated to me. There is so much pressure lumped onto being in your final year, that it is hard to simply enjoy it the way everyone keeps telling me to.

I hope that within my life, university isn’t the best days I have experienced. I hope my best days are littered throughout my whole life, with meeting new people, overcoming new challenges, and continuing to grow.

Life cannot be over past 22 years old. Obviously, it is not going to be, but why is there this added pressure that the working world looms like some inevitable disaster over my head?

After living the life I have, I emphasise the importance of living every day. Mum taught me to live in the moment, to love hard and to take everything in. Throughout my whole life; not just third year. Every good day comes to an end, and so does every bad day. Life is a journey, and one I am wholeheartedly excited to be a part of.

So yeah, I am in my final year. I’m proud to be a third year student. Im proud of my university experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in store for me; even if it is one day out of a week for myself.

Who knows where we’ll end up?

Evee x

21 thoughts on “Third Year

  1. Oh, there is so much ahead for you! I loved my time in University…I have loved parts of each age and stage of my life… And I love my life now. And I’m 68…!
    There are challenges and struggles throughout life…. And there is so much beauty. It’s all to be cherished. You have so much ahead for you! ♥️

  2. Well, Evee, it is true that in college the ratio of freedom over responsibility (F/R) is as high as it ever gets in life. Before college, freedom is sooo much less, but so is responsibility; after college freedom is much greater, but so is responsibility. Only in college are you presented with great freedom and very little responsibility.
    However, Father did not design us to “peak at 22!” That is a western cultural phenomenon and not in the “original plan.” If you follow Christ, you will find vistas continually open before you until you get worn out with all the new things He brings into your life! That’s why Paul warned both the Thessalonian (2 Thessalonians 3:13) and the Galatian (Galatians 6:9) Christ-followers to not get tired of doing good.
    But if you make it to your eighth decade as I have (I hit 70 last week! 😲), you will find Jesus always leads you into adventures that require trust in Him. Too many Christians find Christianity boring because they “play it safe” and do not look for the opportunities to serve Him.
    love and daily prayers, for both you and Katie.

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