Advocating for Self

When the word “grief” comes up, people tend to recoil. There isn’t much room in society for grief.

I also used to recoil when I thought of the word grief. A word didn’t seem to do such a gaping wound justice and it was just uncomfortable for everyone involved. I don’t feel like that anymore. Today the ability to talk about grief feels like a super power. What conversation could be more important than the one about grief?

In learning about grief I have learnt so much about myself. Learning and talking about grief has taught me how to best preserve myself in unfamiliar settings with new people. Most importantly, learning about grief has taught me how to advocate for myself should I need to.

For example, by the time that you read this post I will be well in to my 2nd placement on my course. My first placement was in paediatrics and I really enjoyed it. This time, I am working with adults in an acute setting. One of the possible placements I could have been assigned to was for a Head and neck cancer placement. By now I don’t think I need to explain why that would be completely unsuitable.

What’s more is that it’s our mums birthday and anniversary in September on consecutive days, and ideally I did not want to be a crying mess in a hospital ward with strangers.

So, I had to advocate for myself and I wrote an email to the placement coordinator. Of course she was more than accommodating to my situation and grateful that I had written to her. In the end I got the perfect placement for me and my area of interest and I was given those two days in september off, no questions asked.

It’s scary to take your grief to someone you don’t really know and be so open with them. But if people don’t know, they don’t know. Learning about grief has taught me to advocate for myself which, has helped people to help me, and for me to help them. And as always, I am reminded repeatedly that people are good.

What has learning about grief taught you?

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Love Katie x

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  1. One of my new favorite writers is Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble. Though I am not Roman Catholic, the Roman Church still has lots to teach us, whether Anglican, Baptist or Assembly of God. reports on her adventure to “Remember your death.”
    Billy Graham once said, “”The way we view death determines, to a surprising degree, the way we live our lives;”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.,

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