As Told By Aneesha #3

Winter Storm!

Never go away, Oh! Summer

For Winter is so cold and white

Like hollowed bones that rattle

In my ribcage trying to contain

A suffering heart, ready to burst

In grief of another lonely night!

Dark sheets of icy rain fall on

Shrunken shoulders, bent in pain

Sadness and tears unrestrained

Bring forth whispers of your name

Frigid gusts carry the lament afar;

Turbulent whirlwinds of lost hope

Reach the horizon; a storm is born!


Thank you so much to Aneesha for sharing this beautiful poem with us. This poem beautifully depicts with us the grief that winter can bring. You can read Aneesha’s first post by clicking here, and you can visit her blog by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “As Told By Aneesha #3

  1. “Autumn is akin to triple beauty comprising its blazing colors. Spring possess mesmerizing beauty akin to women
    and the different colors of variety flowers not to mention the spectrum of a Rainbow, but Summer reminds the
    majority of people of skin cancer and burning forests, and Winter’s cold is akin to cities freezing and bringing
    more hardships and death to the homeless.” _-Van Prince

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I have personally felt the loneliness of long winter nights as festivals and family gatherings are upon us because not all can celebrate and be with lived ones. I hope each one is able to reach out to those seeking warmth and company.

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